YouTube view bot – Increase YouTube views, likes, subscribers and comments on YouTube

What can you expect from YouTube view bot?

With approximately 2.1 billion monthly active users, YouTube gives you a large number of viewers and facilitates you to find your target audiences. Besides, engagement plays an important role in algorithm improvement and ranking your content. In addition to boosting engagement using diverse methods, our YouTube view bot has been updated continuously and developed until now with main features:

  • Manage multiple YouTube accounts by opening unlimited browsers 
  • Increase YouTube views using Gmail
  • Boost YouTube likes and comments to a large number of videos
  • Increase subscribers automatically to multiple channels
  • Like your video’s comments
  • Dislike videos
  • Support cookies and create Profile to gain trust of YouTube and save time to not login again for the next run 
  • Support HTTP proxies or Residential Proxy RRP to get more views with different countries.

Diverse methods to increase YouTube views, likes, comments and subscribers: 

  • Rank your Keyword by Search method
  • Get direct views with video links 
  • Run views to your playlist‘s videos
  • Increase video views shown on Homepage
  • Watch random videos on your channel
  • Watch YouTube video views that are shared on Facebook.
  • Combine many methods (Random) to get a better performance.  

How to use YouTube view bot – QniTubeAction to Increase YouTube engagement?

You are required to have Gmail accounts and Proxies to use our tool. In addition to YouTube view bot, we offer Residential Proxies and gmail cookies that are to run views. Here is the design of our software:

Youtube view bot

Part A: General settings – YouTube view bot

A.1. Software license

The software license will be provided after purchasing the YouTube view bot at

Software License - Increase Youtube views

A.2. Run

Set the number of times you want to run.

Youtube view bot - run setting

A.3. Threads

Represent the number of browsers, accounts or tabs that run at the same time. The higher your computer configuration is, the more browsers you are able to run. Eg: for 1 PC with RAM 8GB and Core i5, you can run 30-40 threads in maximum at the same time.

A.4. Devices

Download Useragent files (Desktop or Mobile) that are provided after purchasing the tool. 

A.4.1. Useragent Desktop

If you choose Useragent Desktop, then you download the desktop file and put it on the bot:

desktop file - youtube view bot


A.4.2. Useragent (Mobile)

In case you want to run views with Mobile devices, then you choose Mobile and put the file at Useragent (Mobile) field:

mobile version - youtube view bot


A.4.3. Random

This option is used if you need to use both Desktop and Mobile devices randomly.

Select Random at Devices field and put both Useragent (Desktop and Mobile) files on the software:

random devices - youtube view bot

A.4.4. Online Public Key: 

Online Public Key is provided free of charge with the possibility of opening 3 threads. If you choose Online Public Key, then you choose Max 3 at Threads field.
online public key - youtube view bot

A.4.5. Online Private Key:

For opening multiple threads and getting the higher success rate for any actions, you can refer to rent browser fingerprints package here and put your key on the bot at Online Private Key field:
Online private key - youtube view bot

A.5. Cookies Folder

Create a folder named cookies and paste the folder path to the tool. This is where the login status and profiles are stored. Hence, keep in mind this folder should have the largest empty space. 

youtube marketing - cookies folder

A.6. Data folder

Set a path to a folder where you want to store several results (commented Gmail accounts, liked Gmail accounts, subscribed channels, etc.)


A.7. Key Captcha

To solve captcha from google while logging into your account, you need to register an account at and get your API key for the tool.

key captcha - increase views on Youtube

A.8. Profile and Gmail – YouTube view booster

A.8.1. Create Profile 

Choose Yes if you want to create Profile. The tool will automatically log onto your accounts and create profiles for the first run and then save them in the cookies folder. For the next time, the software will load profiles to keep on running without logging in again after each run.

create profile - boost Youtube views

A.8.2. Use Gmail

You choose Yes if you use the software with your gmail accounts and vice versa. 

A.8.3. Gmail Accounts (Proxy and Gmail Section) 

In case you choose Yes at Use Gmail, then create a text file to add your accounts with the format as gmail,password,recoveryemail,Proxy(if any),Port (if any):

accounts to increase Youtube views

Note: if your gmail accounts have 2FA enabled, then you import your accounts with the format as GMAIL,Password,RecoveryEmail,2FA,Proxy(if any),Port (if any)

Next, at the main interface of the software, click on Proxy and Gmail Section and put the icon add at Gmail accounts field to link the file to the bot as shown below:

youtube view software

A.8.4. Non-gmail profile

This setting is used when you choose No at Use Gmail section.

Set the number of profiles that you want to run in the Non-gmail profile section as shown below. Profiles are created in random order without Gmail. Profiles save all information and characteristics of devices such as kind of devices, sizes of screen, screen card, etc. By creating a profile, It takes up a lot of space on a hard drive. The more profiles you create, the more space it will consume.

Profiles - Youtube view tool

A.8.5. Cookies or Profile

When gmail accounts are successfully logged in, the software will automatically create cookies or profiles for these gmail accounts and save them in the Cookies folder. You can distinguish cookies and profiles as follows: 

Profiles save all login information and characteristics of login device like Device type, screen size, video card, etc. Creating Profiles takes lots of space on disk but it helps make your gmail accounts look more reliable than using cookies. Hence, it helps avoid being dropped views, likes, subs, etc.


Cookies store the status of login only. It takes almost no space, but is not as reliable as profiles.

Overally, you can choose Cookies or Profiles depending on your needs. 

A.9. Clear Caches

If the hard drive is full, select Yes, the YouTube view tool will free your memory by removing the cache in the profile, and it will not affect the login status of gmail. Accordingly, you are able to use existing profiles without logging in again.

Caches - Youtube marketing

Otherwise, choose No if you do not want to clear caches. 

A.10. Human activities

To simulate activities as human, the bot will scroll to front and back, then randomly click pause or play to get recognition of YouTube.

A.11. Skip Ads

Choose Yes to skip Ads (if there are ads on the videos while watching). You should choose Yes at this field all the time. if you want the software to watch ads, select No, remember to watch ads 2-3% of total views only for safety.

A.12. Random Delay

This setting is used to set up Random delay time between actions (unit: Milliseconds).

Random - Youtube automation bot

Part B. Proxy and Gmail – YouTube view booster

Click on Proxy and Gmail Section at the main interface to see all the associated settings: 


B1. Proxy source

B.1.1. Dcom

Select Dcom if you want to use or connect Dcom to the software.

Dcom does not provide multiple IPs then this option can not be used to run multiple threads. 

B.1.2. UseProxy

You choose UseProxy if you use Private proxies or static IPs or want to connect a separate proxy to each Gmail account (required format: Email,password,recovery email, IP,PORT,USERNAME (if any),PASS (if any). 

Note: if your Gmail accounts have 2FA enabled, then you import your proxies with accounts according to the format as Email,Password,RecoveryEmail,2FA,IP,PORT,USERNAME (if any),PASS (if any). 

Drive Youtube views - Use proxy setting

Next, put your file on the bot at Gmail accounts field (follow Section B3 more)

Gmail accounts - Get more Youtube views

B.1.3. Fileproxy

Use proxies from a text file. Prepare proxies in a text file. Each proxy shall be entered line by line following the format: IP:Port:Username (if any):Password (if any). Some proxies work with IP authentication without username and password. 

youtube software - file proxy

Click on  add => link the proxy file to the software: 

proxy to run Youtube view bot

B.1.4. RRP

To get more engagements from YouTube and make your content go viral in no time, you should use Residential Proxy or RRP. This package is available at with 95% of US IPs.

B.1.5. No Proxy

This field is not recommended. Google will not let you increase views, likes, subscribers, comments in bulk using the same IP. You can use No proxy to test the bot with 1 or 2 threads. 

B2. Proxy Protocol

proxy protocol to run Youtube views

If your proxy is HTTPS or uses HTTP protocol, then you choose http. And select socks5 if your proxy is SOCKS5 proxy type. 

B3. Gmail Accounts – YouTube view increaser

If you want to use Gmail accounts, then follow Section A.8.2 and A.8.3 for more details.

In case you wanna check login status of Gmail accounts in the cookies folder, then you choose Yes at Check Cookies, otherwise, choose No.

check cookies - youtube view bot

Notably: if Gmail accounts are logged out, then they will automatically be re-logged in. 

B4. Rent Gmail

In addition to providing YouTube view bot, we have Gmail cookies to run views only. You can refer to for more information.

If you rent Gmail cookies from us, then you choose Yes at Rent Gmail field. 

Later, at Rented Cookies field, add the cookies file that you have purchased.

youtube marketing software

Note that: if you use Rented Cookies, choose No at Create Profile

And select Cookies at Cookies or Profiles field all the time:


Part C. View Settings

Youtube marketing bot

C.1. View Video

Choose Yes at View Video field all the time:

Youtube marketing software

C.2. View Methods

C.2.1. Random methods

Open Database Manager dialog box and then choose Random View Method (Group filter) as shown below: 

Auto increase views on Youtube

Next, Create a group and add Items as well as methods of view that you want the software to run randomly and concurrently: 

youtube view bot - random views 1

Specifically, follow step 5 above to enter view methods that you want to do: 

enter view methods - youtube view bot

As the below image, you can see 5 methods that are added (click on Add Items to add methods)

4 view methods - youtube view bot

As the image above, we will use these 4 methods to add views in random. Then, each method will be used at a rate of 25%. In other words, 25% of total views come from HomePage, 25% from Search, 25% from Channel, 25% from Direct. 


  • If you want to get 50% of total views from Search, then you will enter Search twice:

random view methods - youtube view bot

  • When you enter view methods, you need to type in the correct case format as follows:






  • Random is not available with Facebook method. That means you cannot use Facebook as a part of random views. 

More importantly, you set up fields and data related to the view methods that you did choose. (See below for each method) 

Finally, choose group of data of view methods at Random View Methods field: 

group of data - random youtube views

C.2.2. Search

Firstly, Click on Data as shown below to import data and run views by searching your keyword. 

how to do youtube marketing

Next, choose Search Data in the Select Table field of the Database Manager dialog box: 

Search keywords to increase Youtube views

  • As you see, it includes: Keywords, Text Click, Ranking. You are not required to fill out the Ranking field. 

youtube tool- text to click 1

  • Keywords: You can import multiple keywords that you want to use in order to SEO your video to the TOP YouTube search. 
  • Text Click: Enter a part of your video title and remember that the software does not recognize special characters (double quotation marks). Keep in mind several YouTube videos have the same title, so please open the browser to check if the tool is watching your video. If not, please stop and restart the tool to change text click. The software will click on what you put on Text Click, REMEMBER the text to click MUST be UNIQUE in search result. That means the phrase Text To Click must not appear more than one time in the search result. 

youtube view bot - text to click

And then paste it to the Data of the software.

Search text to click to boost views

Next, choose group of Search Data field:

Search Data - Youtube view bot

Then, you can set Limit Search Page:

If you want the software to search for your keyword in the limit of the first 20 pages of YouTube, then you choose 20

Youtube bot 

Next, if you want the bot to filter livestream videos while it searches for the imported keyword, you select Yes at Search For Livestream section. Otherwise, you select No.

search for livestream - youtube view bot

In case you want the bot to search for the latest videos, you select Upload Date at Sort By Field. Otherwise, you select View Count (this is to filter a YouTube channel’s videos in descending order according to view count) or No.

filter function - upload date 1

If you choose Sort by Upload Date as above, then you select the time that you wanna filter (Last hour, Today, This week); otherwise, choose No. 

Upload date filter - youtube view bot


  • You can not run the Search For Livestream and Sort By functions at the same time.
  • if you choose to use Mobile devices, then you are able to filter Today and This week only. 

C.2.3. Direct method

You need to prepare a video link file to run direct views. 

youtube video link - image

And then put the video file on the software:

Run video views on Youtube

C.2.4. Playlist

Similar to other methods, at View Method section, choose from Playlist at View Method field. 

  • How to import Playlist Data in Database?

1. Click on Data as shown below:

Youtube view software

2. Select “Playlist Data” Table as shown below:

youtube software - playlist data

3. Click on Add Group

youtube view booster - add group

4. After displaying The “Group Dialog” box, you enter Group Name and Description.

youtube view software - group name

5. Select Add Item as shown below:

youtube bot - choose group

6. Follow the below image to get the playlist URL:

youtube bot - get links

  • Video Position: specify video position. If you want to watch the 2nd video in your playlist, you set 2 at Video Position field. 
  • Watch Time (in miliseconds): Set watching time to your YouTube videos in milliseconds.

7. Select group of playlist at Playlist Data field:  

youtube views increaser

Next, set View Per Gmail in Playlist 

You need to set up this field If you choose Playlist method. As shown below, each thread or each account will randomly watch 2 to 5 videos in the Playlist before closing the browser and changing to new threads or other accounts.

Youtube view bot

Finally, set Random View Time in Playlist (unit:milliseconds) 

After entering your playlist, then the software will watch main videos and then view random videos in your playlist. Then, set the time to view random videos. As below image, the software will watch a minimum of 40 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds for a random video.

Remember that “Time View Main Video + “Random View Time in Playlist” should be less than the length of video.

youtube marketing bot

C.2.5. Homepage method

This is one of the Browser Features” on YouTube that help drives more traffic rapidly. To be able to use this method, all of your Gmail accounts should have the channels subscribed. The software will visit the homepage and find the videos following data that you import in a txt file. 

Step 1: Get a part of the video’s titles and put them into a text file.

youtube bot 2- homepage

Step 2: Put the icon add to add Homepage Videos file: 

auto increase Youtube views

C2.6. Channel

At View Method field, click on Channel

Later, follow steps mentioned at Search Method (Section C2.2) to set up related data and sections.  

Next, choose data group at Search Data field: 

Youtube view tool

By using this method, the software will search for your keyword and watch main videos from that keyword and then go to the channel. Finally, the tool will watch random videos of your channel. This method helps get more recommendation from YouTube and improve your channel’s ranking on YouTube.

C2.7. Facebook traffic source

This feature allows you to get more views of YouTube videos that are shared already on Facebook.

  • Here’s how to get links of YouTube videos that are shared on Facebook:

1. Click on the date that you shared video on Fanpage: 

Increase views via Facebook links

2. Get links to the txt file

youtube bot - add link

3. Add the file to the tool at List Videos field: 

Youtube marketing software


C3. Time View Main Video

Set watch hours to view your YouTube videos (unit: milliseconds).

Youtube tool - time view main video

C4. Time View Related Video

To get more recommendations from YouTube, the software will watch random videos before watching your main video. It also watches a single recommended video after watching your main video. You can set watch time to these videos as per your need (unit: Milliseconds).

Youtube view bot- time view related video

Part D. Other Actions – Will Comment, Like Video, Will Sub – Qnitubeaction

Choose Yes for the action that you want to do and vice versa.

youtube view increaser - other actions

D1. Comment Community?

This feature is used to do comment the posts on YouTube Community: boost Youtube views - community comment

At Other actions Section, you choose Yes at Comment Community as shown below: 

Next, you need to add comment content to the file and tap it on the bot at Comment field:

comment content on youtube community- youtube view bot

Remember that a single comment should be written line by line

  • How to get links on YouTube community:

Tap on the time of posting:

Later, you copy the links into a txt file and put the file on the bot at List videos field of the View Settings Section: 

Finally, click OK to run. 

D2. Like Video

If you wish to like videos after watching them, then you choose Yes. Otherwise, choose No.

D3. Will Subs?

If you choose Yes, then the YouTube view bot will automatically subscribe to the channel after watching videos.

Next, set the number at Daily Limit/Channel field. This limit specifies the maximum number of Subscribers for each channel per day. 

Daily limit to Youtube view bot

D4. Like Comment

Choose Yes to do Like comment and vice versa. 

Like comment - youtube view bot

Then you add your comment links to a txt file and put it at List Videos field that is found in View Settings section:

list videos to comment - youtube automation

  • How to get comment links on YouTube:

Step 1: Tap into time of comment posting as shown below:

how to get comment links - youtube commenter

Step 2: Click on it and get link of comment:

copy link of comment - youtube comment liiking

Next, you put in on the txt file:

txt file - like comment function - youtube view bot

D5. Will Comment

Create a text file to save comments.  Each comment will be entered line by line in the txt file. You should use Spintax to help your content be flexible and diverse. 

content to increase Youtube comments - Youtube view bot

Next, click on the icon add to add the comment file to the bot:

youtube comment bot

D6. Dislike

Click on Yes if you want to do Dislike video and vice versa. The software will dislike a video after watching it. 

E. How to get Results

After checking all the settings at the above 4 PARTS, click on OK to run. 

Open browser to see how it works and check status update of the software in the Log.

results - Youtube view increaser

What is YouTube view bot’s price?

Thank you for following the post.

We appreciate your time. 

For more information, kindly contact us at

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