How To Install FFmpeg

Follow the following steps to install FFmpeg

Step 1. Download FFmpeg.

First, click FFmpeg download link to download FFmpeg as the following photo

download ffmpeg - reup tiktok videos

Next, right-click on the downloaded file => select Extract here  

extract - ffmpeg - reup tiktok videos

Then, you will see the extracted folder as below photo => change the folder name to ffmpeg.

change folder name - ffmpeg  - reup tiktok videos

Next, move the ffmpeg folder to C disk drive

ffmpeg folder  - reup tiktok videos

Step 2. Add FFmpeg to Path

Enter Edit the system environment variables into the Search bar on your computer => click Open as the following photo

add ffmpeg to path - reup tiktok videos

Next, on System Properties box,  choose Advanced tab, you click on Environment Variables…

Then, on User available for…, you click Path => click Edit

Next, you will see the Edit environment variable box => click New => enter C:\ffmpeg\bin => click OK.

After that, you will see the path as in the below photo. Then, you click OK on System Properties box,

Step 3. Verify FFmpeg 

Enter Command Prompt into the Search bar on your computer => type ffmpeg => Enter

The successful installation will show text as in the above photo.

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