How To Install LDPlayer9 and Environment Variables

Follow the below steps to install LDPlayer9 and Environment Variable.

1. Install the LDPlayer

Visit to download the LDPlayer9.0_ens_1001_ld.exe 

Install LDPlayer - Telegram Creator

Double-click on LDPlayer9.0_ens_1001_ld.exe to install the LDPlayer

Telegram account creator - install LDPlayer

Next, click Install

Install the LDPlayer 2 - Telegram Bot

After the installation is successful, you close this LDPlayer.

Next, you open the LDPlayer9 folder (it is often saved in Disk (C:)) => open the LDPlayer9 folder => double click on dnmultiplayer file

install devices - instagram account generator

The LDMultiPlayer dialog box will appear. Click on Batch button => select Batch New (5 LDPlayers) => the bot will create 5 LDPlayers simultaneously. You can create the number of LD Players that match your PC configuration.

batch new - instagram account generator

2. Install the Environment Variable

Refer to Environment Variable Download Link to download the Environment Folder. Next, you right-click on the downloaded file => select Extract here, you will see the Environment folder.

Open the Environment folder to see 3 environment variables that you need to install.

Or you can double-click on the software shortcut on your desktop => you will see the requirement for environment variables.

2.1. Environment Variable 1 – dotnet

Double-click on dotnet=> the Microsoft.NET  Installer dialog box will display => you click Install 

After the installation is successful, you click on Close

2.2. Environment Variable 2 – SqlLocalDB 

Double-click on SqlLocalDB => Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Local DB dialog box will appear => click on Next 

Next, click on I accept the terms in the license agreement => click Next

TikTok account creator tool - Environment Variable 1 setup

Then, click on Install

TikTok account creator - Environment Variable 1 setup

Finally, click on Finish

TikTokcreator bot - Environment Variable 1 setup

2.3. Environment Variable 3 – vcredist

Double-click on vcredist =>  you tick I agree to the license terms and conditions => click Install

After the Setup is successful, you click on Close.


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