How to use Spintax to diversify content with Qnibot automation tools 

What is Spintax?

Spintax, also known as Spinning syntax, is a format used to generate different variations from the original content. It diversifies content and saves time entering different personal information fileds and content. Here is the Spintax’s basic format:

{Option 1|Choice A|First possibility} is {nice|great|good}


{Greetings|Respected Sir/Madam|Dear Sir/Madam} {We|Our team|Our business} {would like to|kindly request|sincerely wish to} 

This structure means that when the spintax is processed, one option from each set will be randomly selected.

This technique or format helps diversify content and create multiple unique versions. Therefore, it is integrated into automation tools of Qnibot to create a series of different usernames and content and avoid duplicate content. Also, you can research more about the benefits of using Spintax for marketing and copywriting purposes. Below is how to use Spintax with Qnibot software:

How to use Spintax with Qnibot automation tools 

All content and data with Randomstring and LineFromFile are integrated with Spintax support. This section is often found in the tools to register bulk accounts, do comments, appeal to Gooogle, etc. This allows the tool to create more accounts with different usernames and ensures your content is more unique and not suspected of spam. 

  • Random First Name, Last Name, Username, content (RandomString option) – Facebook account creator 

randomstring data - set information fields - facebook account creator

  • Content from file (Linefromfile Option): 

If you want to use the other usernames that are not available in the tool, then you choose Linesfromfile and fill the details out with Spintax format into a txt file as follows: 

first name and last name - facebook creator bot


  • Here is the Spintax format for comment content that you need to increase comments using Youtube view bot:

increase Youtube comments- youtube view bot

In the end, kindly follow the same steps as for the other tools such as: appeal content of Gmail Auto Appeal, information fields of Instagram account creator, etc. 

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