Instruction on How To Import Data

Instructions in this tutorial are for our GmailCreator software. You can take similar steps for other software.

Firstly, you click on   at the bottom left corner of the software interface to open the Database Manager dialog box

Gmail Generator - click on Data

Then, you can import data in 2 ways

A. Import data manually

At Database Management dialog box, you click on as the following photo

Next, you select Add Group

Then, you enter the name of group as you want => click OK

Next, you click on created group

Then, click on as the below photo => select Add Item


You will see FastExecuteScript dialog box

Then, you enter the parameters as instructions in the software tutorial => click OK

For example, in this tutorial, we enter Gmail, Password, Recovery Email => click OK

The data will be imported as the following photo

B. Import data file

There are 2 types of files that you can save data, consisting of text file and csv file.

Step 1. You create the file and enter the required information

  • Text file: you create a new text file => enter the parameter in the required format specified in the software tutorial => Save the data (Ctrl+S)


Parameters are separated by the comma (,). With the parameter that is not obligable and you do not want to import, you can use a comma instead.

Each account needs to be entered on 1 line.

For example, we enter the data in format Gmail,Password,RecoveryEmail

  • Csv file: you create a Google Sheet => enter the parameters per column as the template we attach in the software tutorial.

For example, we enter the data as the below photo

Next, you click on File => select Download => select Comma Separated Values (.csv) to download the data file in .csv format

Step 2. In Database Manager dialog box, you click on Convert => Import Csv

Next, you click on at File section of Csv dialog box => select the file that you created in Step 1 => click Open => click OK 

  • Import created text file

Import Text File of Data

  • Import created csv file

Then, you will see the imported data in a group named “Csv

To change the group name, you click on => enter the new name into Group Name section of Group Dialog box

Finally, you close Database Manager dialog box.


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