Scrape phone numbers from Google Map using GmapExtractor

By working via phone number instead of messaging on fanpage, you are able to provide more information about products and services, especially capturing their special needs and requirements. This helps you leave a favorable impression with your customers and increases the likelihood that they will return to your product or service in the future. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to collect thousands of phone numbers manually. With that in mind, we give you a great tool named GmapExtractor to automatically collect thousands of phone numbers and necessary information using your keywords. Let’s find out How to use GmapExtractor – Scrape Phone Numbers and what the software can do for you in this article.

Why should you use GmapExtractor to scrape phone numbers from thousands of businesses?

1. Automatically get business information using your keywords

GmapExtractor helps you collect phone numbers and related information on an accurate and complete basis. You can search and get information from businesses on Google Maps using different keywords such as: location, provinces, states, business lines, or anything else related to your product or service.

2. Improve your performance

By providing you with the phone number and other necessary information in a short time, GmapExtractor helps you to quickly produce and execute your campaign. It also facilitates your market research and gives businesses valuable insights to improve their business through collected reviews or ratings. 

3. Easily manage multiple business information

The software allows you to open multiple browsers to scrape thousands of keywords at the same time. After completing the process, information is automatically listed in detail with address, map name, phone, reviews, rating, link map. Then you can select the ones that are tailored to your needs and ultimately reach a large number of potential customers.

4. Outstanding functions of GmapExtractor

  • Auto collect phone numbers from multinationals
  • Scrape bulk business information such as: map name, phone, reviews, rating automatically
  • Automatically get thousands of map links
  • Customize the page limit to scrape
  • Customize the break time between threads.
  • User-friendly interface and frequent updates

Instructions on running GmapExtractor

I. General Settings

1. License Key 

COPY the License key at after purchasing the bot: 

License Key - how to scrape phone numbers in bulk

2. Run

Run field is used to set the number of successful runs. Accordingly, if you set Run=1000, then the software will automatically stop after running 1000 times successfully (corresponding to the function you are going to run)
number of times to scrape phone number on google

3. Thread

Threads mean the number of tabs, browsers or windows that open at the same time. Depending on your computer configuration, you can set the appropriate number of threads to run. For example: you can put 40 threads in maximum as below with 1 device of 8GB RAM, core i5

number of browsers to open Gmapextractor

4. Use Proxies (different IP addresses)

You can choose to use Proxy or not. 

If you wanna use different IPs, then you choose Yes at Use Proxies field.

Next, create a text file that lists your proxies and click on the icon to put the file on the bot at Proxy List field:

proxy file - how to collect phone numbers on Google


Note that you should use proxy format as IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT.

In case you do not use Proxy, then you choose No at Use Proxies field: 

Proxies - Google Phone scraper

5. Keyword List

Enter your keywords in a text file by certain criteria such as business lines, industries, related services. Then, click on the icon to add the file to the bot at Keyword List field as shown below: 

Keyword to scrape phone numbers

6. Address

In addition, if you want to collect the phone numbers from any states or locations, then list them in the text file and add them to the bot at Address field: 

addresses to scrape thousands of phone numbers on Google

7. Map Limit

This is to set the number of pages to scrape on Google Maps:

Map Limit - auto scrape phone numbers

8. Folder Data

Create a folder named Data so that the software can save the collected phone numbers. Then put the path on the bot at Folder Data field:

data folder - Scrape phone numbers in bulk

9. Area Phone Code

Enter the phone code area correctly at Area Phone Code field. For example: phone code of Vietnam is +84, Canada as +1, UK as +44, etc. 

Area phone code settings - Google phone collection

10. Sleep (Unit: milliseconds) 

Set the rest time between turns of threads at Sleep field. 
For example: If you set 4-6 seconds as below, the software will rest 4-6 seconds randomly.

Sleep time - Google phone extractor

II. How to Use GmapExtractor to Scrape Phone Numbers

2.1. How to get Addresses, Map Name, Phones, Reviews, Rating, Link Map

At Action field, then you choose Scrape

functions - Google phone scraper

Then check all the settings mentioned in the Section I and click on OK to run.

Next, you can open Browsers to see how the software scrapes information:

How to shown browsers and logs

And find out any updates from the Log:

browsers and log - gmapextractor

Later, get Results in the Results section:

results after scraping phone numbers

Or collected phone numbers are shown in Data Folder:

phone file after running

Ultimately, all the collected information will be automatically filled in the Database Manager dialog box of the software:

Database Manager - scrape phone number

2.2. Link To ID – Get Map ID

After you run with Scrape function, then you choose Link to ID if you wanna collect ID MAP by links.

actions - phone extractor

Next, at Data to convert field, then you choose a group of data that you want to run.

Map ID - Gmap extractor

After that, you can get all the results in the Database Manager dialog box.

To export the collected data to your PC, open Database Manager box

Database Manager - Gmapextractor

Next, choose Convert > then enter Export Csv: 

export results after collecting information from Google

Then choose a folder to save:

Phone extractor

Finally, click on OK to export the file: 

export results setting


III. What is the Price of Gmap Extractor – Scrape Phone numbers? 


In the end, for more information, kindly contact us at

Thank you for following the tutorial.

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