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Youtube comment bot – Auto search videos and comment on Youtube

Having a large number of YouTube comments give you a lot of immediate and long-term values. Firstly, that helps boost engagement with your content and encourage more viewers to interact with your channel. When viewers see a high number of comments, they will immediately know your content is popular and well-liked by others, which can lead to more interest and potentially more new engagement. With that in mind, Qnibot provides you with an automation tool named Youtube comment bot that helps increase thousands of comments by different methods. 

Outstanding advantages of boosting Youtube Comment – Youtube comment bot

Firstly, an increase in comments helps ranking your video higher on the platform, as YouTube’s algorithm favors content that gets more engagement from viewers. This can lead to greater visibility and exposure for your channel, especially more subscribers and viewers over time.

Additionally, having thousands of comment is a great social proof that show your content is valuable and engaging, which helps to build trust and credibility with your audience. Then it creates a crowd or strong community on Youtube, where viewers can connect with each other and with you as a content creator. Finally, you can find loyal and dedicated followers who are more likely to share your content.

Ultimately, you are able to get valuable feedback and understanding from new viewers or organic comments on your content. These feedbacks facilitate you to improve and adjust your content to better meet their needs.

Different methods to increase comments

  • Increase Youtube comments directly from links (enables you to manage multiple comments)
  • Search for your videos using keywords and go to comment (ranks your content higher on Youtube) 

Additional features to increase Youtube comments

  • Open multiple threads and unlimited accounts to run;
  • Emulate thousands of desktop useragents and emulators;
  • Customize the number of times to do comments;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Free and frequent update;

Instruction for using YoutubeCommenter

A. General Settings

After opening YouTube comment bot, you have 2 options: 
  • If you choose Schedule Application to run app later, then follow this instruction for more details
  • Otherwise, click on Run Now and then follow all the following steps
Here is the interface of YoutubeCommenter:
main interface - youtubecommenter

A1. License Key 

COPY License Key at and then put the key on the bot:

License Key - Youtube comment bot

A2. Gmail

To use YoutubeCommenter bot, your accounts need to have Youtube channel created. 

Then, enter your accounts to the Database Manager dialog box:

Database Manager - gmail accounts to do Youtube comments

Follow HOW TO IMPORT DATA for more instructions

Next, choose associated group of account at Gmail field: 

group of gmail accounts - Youtubecommenter

Note that: you need to enter your gmail accounts with the format as gmail accounts,password,recoveryemail,IP (if any),PORT (if any).

A3. Run

Represent the number of successful runs of the software. For example you set Run = 1000, then if the software posts 1000 comments successfully, then it will automatically stop. 

number of comments to increase on Youtube

A4. Threads

Threads is the number of browsers or tabs running at the same time. And you should choose the number of threads complying with your computer configuration. Eg: you can open max 40 threads with 1 device of 8GB RAM, core i5. 

browsers - Youtubecommenter

A5. Comments Per Account

Set the number of comments over per Gmail/run. For example, if you set 1-3 as shown below, then the software will post 1-3 comments per account per time, then turn off the thread and switch to another Gmail account to run.

Youtube comment booster/ per account

A6. Useragent Desktop – Youtube Comment Bot

After purchasing the software, you will be provided with thousands of desktop user-agents or emulators.

Then download the file from the download link and click on the icon to upload it on the bot at Useragent Desktop field:

useragents - youtubecommenter

A7. Proxy Source

To post comments in bulk and protect your accounts from being locked out of Google, then you need to use different IPs or proxy with the format as IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT

You can get the best proxy at

Proxy source - youtubecommenter

A7.1. From Data

If you wanna assign each proxy to work with each Gmail account, then you choose proxy from Data and enter your proxies with accounts. Follow Section A2 for more instructions. 

A7.2. From File

In case you use proxy file, then you choose Linesfromfile and put the icon to upload the file on the bot: 

 proxy file - Youtube marketing tool

A.7.3. No

Choose No when you do not have a proxy. The software will use the IP of your network to run. Accordingly, you can not run multiple threads with the same IP. In other words, you should use this option to test the software only. 

A.8. Folder Cookies and Folder Data

A.8.1. Cookies Folder

Create a folder named Cookies, then put the path on the bot at Folder Cookies field.

gmail cookies - youtubecommenter

Cookies folder is to store login state and profiles of Gmail accounts, so that the software does not need to log in again for the next time. Then you should save this folder in a disk with the largest empty space. 

A.8.2. Data Folder
Do the same as Cookies Folder. This folder stores collected results. 

A.9. Random Delay (unit: milliseconds) 

This is the break time between 2 clicks. For example, if you set 5000 -20000, the interval between 2 clicks is 5-20 seconds.

random delays - youtube auto comment tool

Note that complete all the settings mentioned at Part A before using the software’s functions

B. How to use each method to comment – Youtube Comment Bot

B1. Comment by link

This is to increase Youtube comments directly from the Youtube links. 

functions - Youtube comment booster

B.1.1. Action

At Action field, choose Comment by Link

B.1.2. List Videos

Create a text file to save a list of Youtube video links that need to increase comments.

Then put the file on the bot at List Videos field:

List videos to do comment

B.1.3. Comment

Type content to do comments in a text file and then click on to upload the file at Comment field:  

comment content to increase comments on Youtube

Note that: each line is a comment content

Next, check all the settings mentioned at Part A and click on OK to run.

B.2. Comment By Tag

Youtube commenter by tag

First, choose Comment by Tag at Action field.

Later, add your comment content mentioned at Item B.1.3.

Next, create a text file to save the list of keywords you want the software to search for and upload the file at Tag field as shown below: 

tag file setting - Youtube comment increaser

Finally, choose Search Filter that you want to do: 

search filter - youtube commenter

  • Default: After searching for your keyword or tags specified in the Tag section above, the software will choose a random video found to increase comments;
  • Newest First: the software will filter the latest posted videos from your keyword’s search to increase comments.

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