Short auto uploader – Auto download and reup videos from Tiktok to YouTube Shorts using ShortAutoReup

Many YouTubers reupload TikTok viral videos to their YouTube Shorts to attract bulk viewers and save creating content time. Our Short auto uploader will help you do these works automatically.


  • Auto download TikTok videos WITHOUT WATERMARK
  • Upload videos to YouTube Shorts automatically
  • Download & reup Youtube shorts with tags
  • Manage unlimited accounts
  • Multi-thread running
  • Support using rotating proxy


Step 1. Visit =>login your account and click on => click on next to ShortAutoReup in SOFTWARE column 

download Short auto uploader

Step 2. Download the ShortAutoReup.rar and the useragent file (refer to B1.8. Useragent section). Then, you unzip the ShortAutoReup.rar => you will see ShortAutoReup folder => double-click onto install the Short auto uploader

Short auto upload bot - installation

Step 3. Select the language and click OK => you will see the Start Type dialog box

Short auto upload bot - schedule application

  • You choose Run Now if you want to run the software immediately => click OK

Short auto upload bot - run now

The interface of ShortAutoUpload bot will display

Short auto upload bot - interface



Click on General Settings, you will see all sections that you need to set up before running any features of our Short auto uploader

B1.1. License Key

To get the license key, you follow step 1 in part A, then you click on  in ACTION column => put the copied license into License Key section.

Short auto upload bot - license key

B1.2. Gmail Data

To import Gmail accounts, you click on  at the bottom left corner of the ShortAutoReup interface

Short auto upload bot - import data

Next, the Database Manager dialog box will appear

Short auto upload tool - database manager

Then, you refer to How to import data to see instructions on importing Gmail accounts


  • If you select Account Proxy at Proxy Option (refer to B1.6. Proxy Option section), the data you import includes Gmai, Password, Recovery Email, IP, Port, ProxyUsername (if any), ProxyPassword (if any). Please refer to Template
  • If you select other options (File Proxy or No Proxy) at Proxy Option (refer to B1.6. Proxy Option section), the data you import includes Gmai, Password, Recovery Email. Please refer to Template
  • You need to create YouTube channels for these accounts before using them to upload videos.
  • The Channel URL, Subscribers and Status columns will be automatically updated after the software runs.

Finally, at Gmail Data section, you choose the group of accounts that you want to run

Short auto upload bot - select gmail data group

B1.3. Cookies Folder & Data Folder

Folder Cookies stores cookies and profiles of Gmail accounts. Therefore, the software can use cookies and profiles for the next runs without logging into these accounts again. Create a new folder named Cookies and get the path to put it into the Cookies Folder section.

short auto upload bot - cookies folder

Data Folder is the place where the bot saves TikTok videos that it downloaded before uploading these videos to YouTube Shorts. Create a new folder named Data and get the path to put it into the Data Folder section.

Short auto upload bot - data folder

B1.4. Run

At Run section, you enter the number of times that you want the bot to run.

For example, if you enter 100 into Run section and select Short Reup function, the software will stop automatically after re-uploading 100 videos successfully.

Short auto upload bot - run

If you leave Run section as the default, the software will run continuously, you can manually stop it anytime you want.

Short auto upload bot - run 99999

B1.5. Threads

At Threads section, you need to put the number of tabs that you want the bot to run at the same time.

For instance, if you put 5 into the Threads section and select Short Reup function, the tool will open 5 tabs and reupload 5 videos simultaneously.

short auto uploader - threads

B1.6. Proxy Option

There are 3 proxy options

B1.6.1. Account Proxy

If you select Account Proxy at Proxy Option section, you need to import proxy with Gmail accounts (refer to B1.2. Gmail Data section)

Short auto uploader - account proxy

B1.6.2. File Proxy

Firstly, you select File Proxy at Proxy Option section

Next, move to File Proxy section, you can select 1 of 2 options

  • In case you choose LinesFromUrl, you put the proxy URL into File Proxies section

Short auto uploader - proxy url

  • If you select LinesFromFile, you create a new text file to enter proxy one per line in format IP:Port:ProxyUsername (if any):ProxyPassword (if any). Then, click on  at File Proxies => double click on the created proxy file

Short auto uploader - proxy file

B1.6.3. No Proxy

You can select No Proxy at Proxy Option section, the Short auto uploader will use IP of your PC.

Short auto uploader - no proxy

Note: You should not use 1 IP to login too many accounts because your accounts can be banned.

Visit to rent safe and cheap proxy.

B1.7. Key Captcha 

Visit => create and deposit an account => get the key to paste it into Key Captcha section.

Short auto uploader - keycaptcha

B1.8. Useragent

At Useragent section => click on   => double click on the useragent file that you downloaded in step 2 of part A

Short auto uploader - useragent


After setting up all sections mentioned in B1. GENERAL SETTINGS section, you click on Action Modules to select the function that you want to run.

Short auto uploader - action modules

B2.1. Manual Control

If you select Yes at Manual Control section => click OK, the bot will open multiple tabs for you to control manually. Then, you click on Show Browser to see tabs and control each tab as you want.

Short auto uploader - manual control

If you want the bot to run automatically, you select No at Manual Control section

Short auto uploader

B2.2. Check Channel

You select Yes at Check Channel section => click OK

Short auto uploader - check channel

The checking result will be updated automatically in Channel URL and Subscribers columns in the Database Manager dialog box.

Short auto uploader - checking result

If you do not want to check the channel, select No at Check Channel section.

Short auto uploader - do not check channel

B2.3. Short Reup 

To run Reupload function, you select Yes at Short Reup section 

Short auto uploader - short reup

Next, at Tags For Reup section, you have 2 choices

  • In case you select LinesFromFine. you create a text file to save tags that you want to use when the bot uploads videos. Then, click on at Tags For Reup section => select the created text file of tags

Short auto uploader - tags file

  • In case you select RandomString, you can enter the tags that you want to use into Tags For Reup section => click on at Tags For Reup section => you can add/remove the predefined parts (Tips) => click @test to see the tags that will be used.

Short auto uploader - tags

Finally, click OK

The URL of uploaded videos will be updated in Database Manager dialog box (select Uploaded at Select Table

Short auto uploader - result

Tutorial Video 

Thank you for following this tutorial for Short auto uploader.


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