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Spy Google ads to collect landing pages, titles and ads’s descriptions using GGAdsLearner

In the context of digital marketing, there are various tools available that allow advertisers to research and analyze their rivals’ advertising campaigns, in which we would like to introduce a tool designed to help advertisers and marketers to spy Google ads and scrape bulk landing pages, descriptions and titles.

What can you expect from collecting landing pages, titles, and ads’ descriptions? 

Analyze your competitors’ strategies: By analyzing your competitors’ landing pages, ad titles and descriptions, you have the potential to better understand their marketing strategies and tactics. Accordingly, you can identify what they are doing well and find ways to optimize your campaign, avoiding repeating their shortcomings.
Keyword Research: Ad landing pages, titles, and descriptions provide valuable data of keyword research. While analyzing the keywords used in these factors, you can find out new keywords and key phrases to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts 
Perform a testing: After analysis and research, you are able to test the elements that work best and test different headlines, ad descriptions and landing pages to generate the highest conversion rates.
Overall, spying on Google ads allows you to optimize your campaigns, improve your marketing strategy, and gain a competitive position in your industry.
  • Outstanding features of GGAdsLearner:
  1. Emulate thousands of desktop and mobile user-agents;
  2. Use different IPs to protect your accounts from being locked out of Google; 
  3. Scrape Ads Titles on Google automatically;
  4. Track your rivals’ landing pages;
  5. Auto-Check Ads in details; 
  6. User-friendly interface;
  7. Free and frequent updates.

How to use GGAdsLearner software in detail to spy Google ads: 

design - Spy Ggadslearner

1. License Key

COPY License Key at qnibot.com/license after purchasing the GGadsLearner software:

License Key - GGAdsLearner

2. Run

Run refers to the number of times that the software operates successfully. That means if you set Run = 1000 times, then after succeeding in running 1000 times, the software will automatically stop.

Spy google ads - number of times to run

3. Thread

Set the number of threads that are appropriate to your computer configuration. For example: 1 device with 64GB RAM and core i9 is allowed to open 100 threads at the same time. 

number of browsers - spy google ads tool

4. Useragents (Desktop and Mobile) 

After purchasing the bot, you are provided with 2 files of User-Agents Mobile and Desktop (emulators). If you wanna use Mobile emulators, then you download the related file and put it on the bot at User-agents (Mobile): 

Mobile virtual devices - How to scan ggads links

And do the same as Desktop Useragents if you need to use Desktop virtual devices: 

5. Proxy Source

To protect your accounts from being locked out of Google, then you should use proxy or different IPs to run. Get the best proxy at saferproxy.com

You need to use the proxy with the format as IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT

proxy source - how to spy on google ads

5.1  Dcom

If you choose to run with Dcom, you need to set up Dcom 4G to run and choose Dcom at IP Source field: 

Dcom - collect landing pages of the competitors

5.2 From File

In case you want to use proxy in a text file, then create a text file to enter your proxies, click to choose LinesFromFile and put on the icon  to add the file as shown below: 

proxy file - scrape google ads

5.3 No Proxy

This option is not recommended to run multiple threads. You can run 1-2 thread with No proxy to test the software. 

6. White List – Spy Google Ads

White Lists are websites that you do not need to collect Ggads details. You have 2 ways to set this item as follows:

1. Choose FixedString and then enter the sites according to the following format: 


Note: Between site links separated by the character |

whitelist to crawl on ggads

2. Select LinesFromFile and put the file on the bot at Whitelist field: 

First, list the sites in a text file:

whitelist - Spy landing page on ggads

Then, click on the icon to upload the newly created file to the WhiteList field as shown: 

whitelist settings - spy google ads tool

7. Keyword List – Spy Google Ads

List the keywords you need to search on Google. Then select the icon to add the file at Keyword List field:

Keywords to scrape ads landing pages

8. Use Gmail

If you want to use Gmail, then you choose Yes at Use Gmail field. 

Next, import your Gmail accounts with the format: Email,Password,Recoveryemail

gmail accounts file - auto scrape ggads details

Then add the related file to the bot at Gmail Accounts field: 

gmail accounts to run Google ads scraper

Otherwise, choose No at Use Gmail field. 

9. Sleep

You can set the break time between two turns of threads at Sleep filed.

If you choose RandomInterger, you need to set the time for Minimum Value and Maximum Value

For example: If you set Sleep: 3000-5000 as shown, the software will rest for 3-5 seconds randomly depending on the turns of threads.

sleep time - how to crawl on ggads

In case, you choose FixedString, just set the time that you want to rest between turns of threads at Sleep field. 

sleep time randomly - How to collect description on ggads

10. Cookies Path

Create a folder named cookies and then put the path at Cookies Path field: 

spy rivals on google ads

Note that: This folder stores login state and profiles of your Gmail accounts, so that the bot does not need to re-login for the next time, then you should save this folder in a disk with the most empty space. 

11. Rent Cookies

In addition to GGAdsLearner tool, then we offer gmail cookies to run instead of Gmail accounts: 

gmail cookies - spy Ggads bot

If you run with your Gmail accounts or do not use our Gmail cookies, then you choose No at Rent Cookies

12. Check Ads In Detail

If you want to check ads details of the websites, then choose Yes, otherwise, select No.

Finally, complete all the settings and click on OK to run.

13. Check how the software works from Browser, Logs and Results – Spy Google Ads

Open browsers to see how the software operates and check any updates from the Log section

results after checking ads details

Ultimately, the results after collection will be listed in the Results section: 

spy ads title, landing pages, descriptions

What is the price of GGAdsLearner – spy Google Ads? 


In the end, Thank you for following the tutorial.

For more information, kindly contact us at qnibot.com


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