How to set a schedule to run Automation Tools

Setting a schedule helps save a lot of time and improve efficiency to your marketing campaign. It also facilitates you to specify the most optimal time for maximum impact. 

Here are detailed instructions on how to set a schedule by section:

Step 1: Open scheduler

In addition to choosing Schedule application after the software is successfully launched, you can also choose Scheduler at the interface of the software as below:

Step 2: Click on the “+ to create a new Task List

Step 3: Import Task Name and put “Next

Step 4: Choose “Input data” In the Data dialog box

Fill in the information as instructed when you choose RUN NOW, for example: How to use the TikTokAtuomation in detail

Enter “Run” and “Next”.

Step 5: Select Schedule type as per your need

Select Schedule type as per your need in this dialog box

1. Run now: Run in real-time

At More settings field, choose “Infinite“:

Or you can set the Maximum running time from the current time. Enter Days, Hours and Minutes as below, then put “SAVE“ and choose “PREVIOUS“:

2. Run at: This is to set custom time

In the Run at section, select “Date not set“:


Start date box will appear, choose date => Select “Save” => then put “PREVIOUS“:

3. Run with interval: Set random interval break software

In the “Interval between each task start” section, enter the break time between runs.

In “More settings” section, enter Sequence start date and Sequence end date to specify rest time between runs.

4. Start every hour

Enter “+” to set the number of minutes that you need to do:

Next, click on More settings and then choose Date not set to specify the time you need to pause between runs. 

5. Start every day

Follow the same as the Section 1. 

: Set the number of days, hours, minutes to finish each run or choose Set to inifinite. It is calculated from real-time.

  • Maximum run number: choose the number of runs in maximum 
  • Sequence start date/end: Click on Date not set to customize date, hours, minutes as you want. 

6. Start every week

Or choose Run with probability to adjust end time. Otherwise, click on Save.

7. Set start time list

Follow the same steps as the above sections. 

Then click on “PREVIOUS” and put SAVE and CLOSE”.

8. Edite and Delect the activity in a Task list box

You can click on the icon to start, archive, edit and delete the activity of a task list. 

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