TikTok View Bot – Increase Livestream Views and Comments on TikTok

Going live on TikTok is considered the most effective marketing method in recent years. With over 1 billion monthly visits, you can quickly catch up with other TikTokers by using the TikTok View Bot (generally called TikTok LiveChat). TikTok LiveChat Bot helps drive more views and do auto-chat to your live videos. That helps your content go viral and facilitates you to earn a lot of money. 


  • Create Multiple TikTok accounts
  • Increase more views to TikTok live videos
  • Auto chat on your livestreaming
  • Check profiles of bulk TikTok accounts
  • Control your TikTok accounts manually 
  • Multiple threads at the same time with different User-agents
  • Can use Residential Rotating proxy to run



TikTokLiveChat - Interface

A. License Key

You will get a License Key on qnibot.com after making payment successfully.

License Key - TikTok livestream bot

B. Run

Set the number of runs or the number of TikTok accounts that you want to create. 

the number of times to run Tiktok view bot

C. Threads

Enter a number of threads or browsers running simultaneously depending on your PC configuration. The higher the configuration, the more browsers you are able to open.

number of browsers or tabs to open TikTok livestream bot

D. Cookies folder

Create a folder named cookies and then paste the path to the software. This is where the cookies and profiles of all your accounts are stored, then you should use the disk that has the largest free space.

cookies to store login status of Tiktok accounts

E. Data folder

Put the path to the software as shown above. You can save your video links, comment content in this folder. Also, this is to store collected result: commented accounts|comments.

data folder to store commented results - Tiktok comment bot

F. Useragent (Desktop)

Download the Useragent that shows in the download link, enter  at Useragent (Desktop) field=> put the Useragent file.

virtual devices to run Tiktok view bot

Next, select Yes if you want to change Useragent and vice versa.   

Useragents - tiktok marketing bot

G. Captcha Manually

Choose Yes if you want to solve captcha manually and vice versa.

tiktok live chat - solve Tiktok captcha manually

After the captcha comes, then you click on Browser to solve it manually and choose Return to the application so that the software keeps on the next steps and complete the process. 

H. Key Captcha

First, please create an account at captcha.guru/en/ and put your key captcha on the bot. Then, TikTokLiveChat bot will solve the TikTok captcha automatically.

auto solve tiktok captcha - tiktokautomation


Take note that the software works well with format as IP:Port:Username (if any):Password (if any). 

Check Proxy Settings field to see all proxy options:

Proxy settings - tiktok view bot

K1. From Data

If you want to use each IP assigned to each account, you will choose Proxy from data, and then import your proxy with accounts into Database Manager box. Kindly refer to how to import proxy with data.

Proxy from data - tiktoklivechat bot

K2. From File

In case you use File proxy (proxy URL and proxy file), then you choose From File

  • LinesFromFile

First, create a text file to enter the proxies line by line.

Next, at File Proxy field, put your proxy file to the bot:

proxy file - tiktok livestream bot

  • LinesFromUrl

At File Proxy field, select LinesFromUrl => put your proxy URL on the bot. 

tiktok autochat bot - proxy url

K3. No Proxy

Remember that this is to test the tool only. You can run 1-2 threads with this option. 


Note that before using different features of TikTokLiveChat bot, please complete all the steps above.

3.1. Reg TikTok

To create TikTok accounts automatically using your gmail accounts, select Reg TikTok at Action field.

Next, please Refer to HOW TO IMPORT ACCOUNTS to enter your Gmail accounts to the Database Manager box.

Note: You need to enter GmailpasswordEmail2 (recovery email)proxy (if any)port (if any).

database manager dialog - titkok livechat tool

Then, after importing your accounts, please choose group of account at Account field as above. 

Next, at Username field, if you want to use random usernames from the software, please click on @Test to preview your username and customize it if you want.

username to register tiktok accounts in bulk

Notes: this field is not available for some countries. For some countries or locations, TikTok requires you to use your email name as a username.

Then, check all basic settings mentioned in part A and part B.

Finally, enter OK to run. 

After completing the process, you can export newly created TikTok accounts in the Database Manager box.

results after registering tiktok accounts

3.2. Login With Gmail

This is to Login With Gmail function, then the software will save cookies and profile after logging into your account. For the next run, the bot will load cookies and profiles to perform other functions without needing to re-login.

Follow all the steps mentioned at Item 3.1 and click on OK to run. 

3.3. Login with QR

At Action Settings, then you choose Login with QR as shown below:

Login with QR - Tiktok live stream bot

Check all the general settings and click on OK to run

Next, open browser to login with QR code manually:


Next, after completing Login with QR, then you choose Return control to the application so that the tool can keep on next steps and save cookies. 

Login with QR code - TikTok autochat bot

3.4. Live Chat – Auto comment on TikTok livestream

At Action section, select Live Chat

  1. Refer to section 3.1 to put your accounts on the Database Manager box and check group of data at Account field.
  2. Create a text file to save links of TikTok livestream videos and enter the file to the bot:

titok auto chat bot - video links


       3. At Watch Time section, set watch time to watch your livestream videos. (Unit is milliseconds)

increase watch time on tiktok

       4. At Will Chat field,

  • Select No to increase views only.
  • Choose Yes to both increase views and do autochat (boost comments) on your live videos. 

       5. At Chat Content field: 

  • You can select RandomString, click on sửa-1.png (22×30)  and then @Test to preview and customize the random content from the tool: 

content to chat on tiktok live

  • In case you want to use comment file, then you choose LinesFromFiles and enter to put the content file to the bot: 

content file to do comment on tiktok


Then, at Chat Per Account field, enter the number of comments that you want to do for each account.

the number of comments to do per account on tiktok

Next, at Sleep Between Chat section, enter pause time between chats. (Unit is milliseconds)

sleep time - tiktok automation tool

Finally, enter OK to run. 

3.5. Check Profile

At Action field, select Check Profile

Next, Refer to Item 3.1 to see how to import data into the TikTok LiveChat Bot and then check the associated group of accounts at Account field.

Then, click on OK to RUN

After completing, the result will be updated automatically in FollowersFollowing and Status columns in Database Manager box.

results after running tiktok follow bot

3.6. Manual Control 

This feature helps you to manually control your TikTok accounts after these accounts have been logged into the software. 

At Action field, select Manual Control

Next, Refer to Item 3.1 to see how to import data into the TikTok LiveChat Bot and then check the associated group of accounts at Account field.

Then, enter OK to run.

What is TikTok LiveChat Price? 


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