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TikTok has become an all too familiar platform for our lives. It has grown from the first years to now with massive traffic. Thanks to the virality of the platform and trending and creative contents, it is a great place for you to execute your marketing strategy and increase your profits instantly. Besides, our feature-rich TikTok bot will also greatly contribute to your growth on TikTok. Let’s take a look at all of what our TikTok Auto Uploader (commonly known as TikTokAutomation) can do in this article.

I. Purpose of using TikTokAutomation software

The purpose of using TikTok Automation software is to simplify the process of performing TikTok marketing campaigns. It allows businesses and individuals to automate repetitive tasks like registration for bulk accounts, frequent video uploading, engagement optimization, freeing up time and resources for other aspects of the campaign. In addition, the TikTok Automation software provides the ability to manage multiple accounts, assign a targeted audience for the campaign, and also set a schedule for those operations. Ultimately, using Tiktok auto uploader bot facilitates you to develop comprehensively in TikTok both in terms of marketing resources and solutions.

  • Automations of Tiktok auto uploader:
  1. Auto register TikTok accounts;
  2. Login with bulk Google accounts automatically;
  3. Auto schedule to upload videos;
  4. Auto boost engagement (likes, comments, follows) using multi browsers; 
  5. Search and Follow;
  6. Search and Comment; 
  7. Collect users by video links.

II. Unexpected Rewards of TikTok Auto Uploader

The unexpected rewards of using a TikTok Auto Uploader include:

  • Cost-effectiveness and time-saving: The above automations of TikTokAutomation frees up time for other aspects of the marketing campaign, such as content creation, frequent trending updates, picking best time to upload your videos, etc. It also provides abundant raw materials as well as bulk accounts, that helps you save marketing cost and diversify your content and then maximizes the efficiency of the marketing campaign.
  • Consistency: Automated content uploading ensures a consistent posting schedule, which helps enhance brand recognition and maintain a strong position on the platform.
  • Increased efficiency: Uploading videos automatically along with Residential Proxy helps reduce the chance of errors that commonly happen when posting them manually.
  • Better engagement: TikTokAutomation helps you scrape more target audiences and quickly get more engagement. Also, it helps rank your keyword and usernames higher by searching them before increasing comments and follows.

III. How to set up TikTok Auto Uploader – TikTokAutomation

1. Check all the general settings – TikTok Auto Uploader

A. License Key: 

Visit qnibot.com to get License Key

Login name - Tiktok auto uploader

B. Run:

Represents the number of times that the software runs successfully or the number of tiktok accounts you need to create. You can leave it as default so that the tool keeps on running without interruption provided that you are using Residential Rotating proxy. 

the number of times to run TikTokautomation

C. Desktop Useragent:

Please download Destop Useragent file that is provided and then enter Phần mềm Tiktok to put it to the software as shown below:

User-agents - TikTok Auto Uploader

D. Change Useragent: 

There are thousands of useragents in a txt file, the tool will auto change the useragent if you choose Yes and vice versa.

 Change Useragent - TikTok Auto Uploader 

E. Threads:

Set the number of threads that suit your devices. Eg: for 1 configuration with RAM 8GB and core i5, you can set 30-40 threads in maximum. That means 30-40 browsers are opened at the same time. Then, you can set more threads with a stronger CPU. 

number of browsers to run TikTok auto uploader

F. Random Delays and Sleep:

Random delays - TikTok marketing bot

Random delays specifies pause time between two actions (unit: milliseconds)

Sleep defines resting time between two threads (unit: milliseconds)

G. Proxy source (IP Option) – TikTok Auto Uploader

IP Option - TiKTokAutomation

G1. From Data

If you want to use each IP assigned to each account, then you choose From Data at IP Option field and then put your IP to the Database Manager box.

TikTok auto tool - proxy from Data

Or follow how to import data to the software here.

G2. From File

There are two types of File Proxy: proxy URL and proxy file.

If your proxy that you rent is proxy link or URL, then you choose LinesfromURL and put your link to the bot at File Proxy field as shown below:

TikTok Automation - proxy link Url

Or if your proxy is saved in a txt file, then you choose LinesfromFile  and put the proxy file to the software:

TikTok Auto Uploader - Proxy from file


RRP means Residential Rotating Proxies that include 95% of US IPs. This package is provided by saferproxy, you can refer to the site for more information. 

G4. No proxy (your IP)

This option is used to test the software only. To protect your accounts from being locked out, you should not run multiple threads and boost views, likes, followers with the same IP.

H. Cookies Folder – TikTok Auto Uploader

This is where your accounts’ login status (cookies) is stored, then you should use the disk with the most free space. After your accounts are logged in successfully and save cookies. The software will automatically load cookies for the next runs without re-login.

cookies folder - Auto Uploading TikTok videos in bulk

Next, create a folder named cookies and paste the path to the software: 

 Folder Cookies - TikTok Auto Uploader

K. Data Folder

Data folder stores the collected results such as: scraped, liked, commented users and links, followed users, etc. 

Please copy the path of data folder and paste it the tool: 

Data folder to store results - TikTokautomation

Folder Data path - TikTok Auto Uploader

L. Key Captcha

Please register an account at 2captcha and top your balance (You can begin with $5).

Next, copy your Key Captcha and paste it the tool. Then, the software will automatically solve Google captcha (if any) while logging into gmail accounts.

Key captcha - TikTok marketing tool

M. TikTok Captcha API – TikTok Auto Uploader

To solve TikTok captcha, you can use captcha.guru and get your API to the software at TikTok Captcha API section.

O. Solve Captcha Manually

In addition to using captcha.guru to auto solve TikTok captcha, you also can solve captcha manually.

Enter Yes to solve captcha by yourself and vice versa.

After solving captcha, click on Return to the application to keep on running. 

2. Import Data to the Database Manager – TikTok Auto Uploader

Import your TikTok accounts to the Database Manager box if these accounts are not created from the bot. 

For more details, please refer to how to import data here

Next, check ✓ into group of account that you want to run as shown: 

Group of accounts - TikTok Auto Bot

Notes: Please complete all of the above settings before using the functions of TikTokAutomation. 

3. Manual for various functions – TikTok Auto Uploader

3.1. Reg TikTok – TikTok Auto Uploader

To create TikTok accounts, you need to import gmail accounts with the format as gmail:password:recoveryemail into Database Manager of the software:

Register TikTok accounts - TikTok Creator bot

For more details, please refer to how to import data to the software

Then enter group of account at Account field.

group of gmail accounts to create Tiktok accounts

At Username field, click on  sửa-1.png (22×30)   to customize your username (click on @Test to preview usernames) that you want:

Username - TikTok marketing software

Notes: this field is not available for some countries. For some countries or locations, TikTok requires you to use your email name as username.

After your accounts are created successfully, then you can export newly created accounts at the Database Manager:

Database Manager to get newly created TikTok accounts


3.2. Login with Gmail

At Action field, choose Login with Gmail.

This is to automatically login to TikTok accounts that are registered with gmail accounts. After logging in with gmail accounts, the software will store cookies. After that, the software will load cookies to run other functions without having to re-login. Also, you should Login with Gmail before using the other functions.

You need to fill the columns fully in the Database Manager box: email, password, recoveryemail (if any), IP (if any), Port (if any), TikTok username, TikTok password. 

And for more information, please refer to how to import data to the software. 

Note: this feature is not available for accounts created with hotmail or other email. 

3.3. Upload Video – TikTok Auto Uploader

Select Upload Video at Action section.  In addition to adding your TikTok accounts, you need to enter these data to upload videos: video name, title, tag as follows: 

  • Video Name: videoname.mp4
  • Title: title of your video
  • Tag: note that there is no space between words of a single tag.

How to upload TikTok videos in bulk

For more details, please refer to how to import data to the software.

Finally, save your videos in Data folder (make sure your videos are MP4 format) and then enter OK to run. 
Data to upload videos on TikTok

3.4. Watch Video – TikTok Auto Uploader

Choose Watch Video at Action.

Next, save your video links to a txt file and put the file to the software: 

Video links - tiktok automation bot

Then, set watch hours to your videos at Watch Time (Unit: milliseconds): 

Increase watch hours on TikTok


3.5. Like Video

Choose Like Video at Action field. 

Please follow all the steps at Item 4 to add video links and enter OK to run. 

3.6. Comment Video

Follow all the steps at Item 4 to add video links.

Next, put your comment file to the bot at Comment field. 

Content to boost comments on TikTok

3.7. Comment Livestream

Complete the above steps at Item 4 and Item 6 to get your live links and comment file.

Next, enter OK to run. 

3.8. Comment User’s Video

This is to comment on videos of list of specified users.

Put your comment file as instructed at Item 6

Next, create a text file containing Users and add the file to the bot at List to follow as shown:

List to follow - TikTok auto follow bot

3.9. Search and Comment

At Action section, select Search and Comment.

Enter the icon as shown and put the comment content file to the software:

settings to do comment on TikTok

Next, prepare your keywords that you want to search on Tiktok in a txt file.

At Search Terms field, click on  LinesFromFile => select Phần mềm Tiktok => put your file to the software.

Search Term - Tiktok marketing bot


Or you can use Spintax or random keywords from the bot: At Search Terms section, click on RandomString => pick sửa-1.png (22×30)  and then select @Test to preview keywords.

Keywords to search on TikTok

Finally, select OK to run.

3.10. Follow users

At Action field, choose Follow users.

Create a text file which contains links of profiles that you want to follow and add the file to the bot as shown:

link to follow on TikTok - TikTok Auto Follow Tool

  • At Follow/Unfollow each Run (number of follows for each run) and Pause Between Follow (time to wait between following times), customize the time as you want (unit: milliseconds)

TikTok Unfollow Bot

3.11. Unfollow users

Choose Unfollow users at Action field.

Next, complete similar steps as mentioned at 10 section.

Set the number of users to unfollow for each run (Unit: milliseconds) and then enter OK to run. 

The number of times to follow/unfollow on TikTok

3.12. Search and Follow

At Action section, select Search and Follow.

Create a text file which contains Users (with LinesFromFile) or use Spintax (with RandomString) or follow more at Item 9

3.13. Scrape Users

This is to scrape users that commented on videos. 

Choose Scrape Users to run.

Create a text file which contains links of videos that you want to do.

At Link Videos section, click Phần mềm Tiktok => put the file and click to run:

Link videos - TikTok Scraper

3.14. Mass Follow

This feature helps boost followers to your brand account.

Create a text file to put link of your brand account or profile. Accordingly, the accounts that you imported in the tool will auto follow your brand account

Next, at List To Follow field, click Phần mềm Tiktok => put your file to the software. 

3.15. Check Profile

This option enables you to manage multiple Tiktok accounts.

Select Check Profile at Action field.

The tool will automatically checks profile of the accounts that you imported in the tool and then define results in Database Manager box.

Results after increasing followers on TikTok

3.16. Manual control

Enter Manual control to control your accounts manually.

IV. Pricing Tag – TikTokAutomation


Thank you for following the post.

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