Appeal suspended Instagram accounts automatically using InstagramAutoAppeal Bot

Why should you need InstagramAutoAppeal Bot? 

To maintain a safe and positive online environment, Instagram may lock your accounts for a variety of reasons. You may have accidentally shared content that is inappropriate or suspected of spamming users. In some cases, Instagram may make the wrong decision about your account due to a system error. However, Instagram would provide users with the option to appeal the suspension decision. If you have thousands of accounts that need to be unlocked so you maintain brand marketing plans, let’s find InstagramAutoAppeal that automatically appeal suspended Instagram accounts in bulk and verify phone number if needed. Below are the major functions that InstagramAutoAppeal Bot offers: 

  • Auto Appeal bulk suspended Instagram accounts;
  • Auto proceed with Email verification with the help of temporary email sites;
  • Check login with bulk accounts;
  • Auto verify phone for required Instagram accounts (nearly 20 OTP sites integrated in the tool);

Instructions for using InstagramAutoAppeal Bot: 

Here is all the parameters and features of the software:


I. General Settings – InstagramAutoAppeal 


1. Get License Key

COPY and PASTE your license key that is provided at qnibot after purchasing the bot. 



2. Run

This is to set the number of accounts or times that you want the software to appeal or verify phone successfully. For example, if you set 1000, the software will keep on running continuously until 1000 accounts are appealed successfully.


3. Threads

Threads represent the number of tabs, browsers that are performed concurrently. This setting is based on your computer configuration. The stronger CPU of your PC is, the more windows you are able to run, as well as the more accounts you are able to get. For example: you can set 40 threads in maximum with a device of RAM 8GB and core i7: 

Instagram bot

4. Folder cookies

This is a folder to store cookies (login state) of your accounts, then you should save this folder in a disk with the most empty space. 

Create a new folder named cookies and then put the path on the bot:


5. Get Useragents 


5.1. Get Useragents from file 

The user-agent files will be attached in the download link that you get after purchasing the InstagramAutoAppeal Bot with more than 50,000 emulators in each file.

Kindly download any file and tap on the icon to add the file at Useragents (Desktop) field: 


5.2. Online Public Key
Online Public Key is provided free of charge with the possibility of opening 3 threads. If you choose Online Public Key, then you choose Max 3 at Threads field.
5.3. Online Private Key
For opening multiple threads and increase success rate while performing tasks, you can refer to rent browser fingerprints package HERE and put your key on the bot at Online Private Key field:


6. Solve Instagram captcha with API key 

You need to register accounts at and put your key on the software. Accordingly, the software will automatically solve Instagram captcha.


7. Avatar folder to appeal suspended Instagram accounts in bulk 

During the appeal process, you will go through the Upload a verification selfie step, so you need to create a folder containing your avatars and paste the folder path into the bot in the Avatar field:


Keep in mind you are required for completing all the general settings before using the major functions of the InstagramAutoAppeal bot 

II. How to import the Instagram accounts – Appeal suspended Instagram accounts – Account settings


1. Input Data – How to import Data to the Database Manager dialog box

First, you import Instagram accounts that are suspended or required for phone verification to the Database Manager dialog box, refer to how to import Data HERE


Next, you check Data group that you need to use at Input Data field: 


2. Choose Email source for verification while appealing suspended Instagram accounts 

When Instagram requires email verification, the InstagramAutoAppeal bot will automatically choose email from these sources for verification:


  • If you choose Email source from Data, then you import your email accounts’ details: Email, password, IMAP Server, IMAP port into the Database Manager dialog box as follows:


Keep in mind you need to turn on IMAP/POP for these accounts before using them for verification. You can use any type of email that are already enabled IMAP/POP.

  • If you have no email accounts, then you can use Email source from Tempmail. Accordingly, the tool will automatically retrieve emails from one of the below websites that you choose and do verification. These websites provide 10-minute alive emails free of charge.


3. Proxy source – Auto appeal suspended Instagram accounts 

3.1. Proxy from File

First, import your proxy into txt file. Each proxy shall be entered line by line with a specified format: IP:Port:Username (if any):Password (if any). For some proxies required for authorization, you need IP:PORT only without username and password. To get high quality proxies, you can refer to for more information

Instagram generator bot - proxy file

Next, at File proxy field, you choose LinesFromFile and tap on the icon to add the proxy file: 


3.2. Proxy from Data

In case you need to use each proxy to a separate account, then you choose from Data and enter the proxies to the Database Manager dialog box. 

Refer to how to import data HERE

proxy-from-data-auto-unlock-instagram-accounts - appeal suspended instagram accounts

3.3. No proxy 

If you want to use your IP (connected from your network), then you choose No proxy. Keed in mind this option should be used to open 1-2 threads or for testing only. 

Remember that you should complete all the settings stated in the I and II Section above to use the major functions of the InstagramAutoAppeal – appeal suspended Instagram accounts in bulk

III. Auto verify phone for required Instagram accounts


For accounts required for phone verification, the InstagramAutoAppeal bot will auto verify phone if you choose Yes at Verify Phone field as specified above.

To use this feature, you need to rent OTP codes from the sites integrated in the bot 


In which: OTP Service field integrates Vietnam sites such as: CODESIM.NET, YUENANKA.COM, VIOTP.COM:


And Other SMS services field offers nearly 20 OTP providers outside Vietnam: 



Accordingly, at OTP Service field, you choose the OTP site you want to use (then register an account and top up your balance) and put OTP API Key => enter OTP country and Phone Code Area as follows: 


Also, you can choose other services outside Vietnam by locating OTHERS (Choose below) in the OTP service section and select any site at Other SMS Services field: 


Similar to Vietnam OTP services, you set OTP API key, OTP country and Phone Code Area as well. In particular, you enter + only at Phone Code Area: 


If you choose, then you use API key (Deprecated API) after topping up your balance at 

Finally you click on OK to run after completing all the settings: 


IV. How to check results, browser and logs – Appeal suspended Instagram accounts in bulk 

You can show or open Browsers to see how it works:


And check status update of the accounts in the Results besides the Log Section: 


Upon the appeal request is sent successfully, you’ll see Status and Log in the Database Manager dialog box as shown below: 


After appealing for a few days, you need to check login status of your accounts, the unlocked accounts will be changed to Good status.

Tutorial Video 

How much is InstagramAutoAppeal – Appeal suspended Instagram accounts? 


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