How to farm Gmail Accounts with GmailAutoFarm bot

Advantages of farming Gmail accounts 

Seeding a Gmail account involves experiencing Google products as well as using the account as a normal user would do. This could be updating profiles, sending and receiving emails, reading Google news, using Google Maps, etc. These actions help activate new accounts and make them legit. Besides, Youtube is a Google product that accounts for a large number of users and is where the majority of content creators invest resources to make money. Therefore, farming a Youtube account such as creating a default Youtube channel, surfing Youtube to watch and like videos also contributes to increasing the credibility of your account/channel. It is highly recommended to farm gmail accounts right after they are created to gain the advantages in the long run:
1. Improve the chances that emails sent from the account are delivered to your clients’ inboxes but not their spam folders as well as optimize your email marketing strategy.
2. Google may suspect you of creating new accounts for suspicious activity, so updating profiles and sending/reading email immediately after creation increase the credibility of the account.
3. For businesses or brands that need to manage bulk gmail accounts, farming gmail accounts makes it easier to use them with marketing or SEO tools and ensure that running the tool does not encounter problems such as: check-points, account suspension, login error, etc.
4. Seeding an account also involves logging into accounts on multiple different devices, ensuring that they are fully functional and have no issues on all the devices. With that in mind, the GmailAutoFarm integrates thousands of user-agents or emulators to make your accounts work seamlessly on all the platforms. Here are farming functions of the GmailAutoFarm offers: 

  • Check login for bulk gmail accounts; 
  • Create a Youtube Channel;
  • Youtube action;
  • Update Avatar; 
  • Read news from specific websites;
  • Send Email;
  • Read Emails;
  • Read Google News;
  • Visit Google Maps, Google Alerts? and GoogleDrive
  • Manual Control

Here is the basic interface of the GmailAutoFarm:


How to use GmailAutoFarm Bot?

I. General Settings 


1. License Key 

You COPY the License key at and paste it to the bot at License Key field:


2. NumberRun

NumberRun section presents the number of times that you want the bot to run successfully.

For example, if you enter 1000 into NumberRun section, the GmailAutoFarm bot will stop automatically after farming 1000 accounts successfully.


3. Threads

Set the number of threads (means tabs, browsers or windows) that is appropriate to your computer configuration. For example: 1 PC with RAM 8GB, core i7 shall be used to open 40 threads simultaneously. The higher core your PC is, the more threads you are able to set. 

number of threads - auto change gmail passwords

4. Folder cookies

Create a folder named cookies and then put the path to the software: 


Note that the cookies folder stores the login state of your accounts so that the tool does not need to login again for the next time. Therefore, you should choose a disk with a lot of free space to save this folder.

5. Create profiles? 

If you prefer the tool to create profile to your accounts, then you choose Yes at Create profile, otherwise choose No.


6. Difference between Cookies and Profiles: 

Cookies store the status of login only. It takes almost no space, but is not as reliable as profiles.

Profiles save all login information and characteristics of login device like Device type, screen size, video card, etc. Creating Profiles takes lots of space on disk but it helps make your gmail accounts look more reliable than using cookies.

7. Get User-agent


7.1. Get Useragents from file

The user-agent files will be attached in the download link that you get after purchasing the bot, there are more than 50,000 emulators in each file.

Kindly download any file and add the file to the bot at Useragents (Desktop) field: 


7.2. Online Public Key
Online Public Key is provided free of charge. If you choose Online Public Key, then you are able to open 3 threads in maximum:
7.3. Online Private Key
For opening multiple threads and getting the higher success rate for farming bulk accounts, you can refer to rent browser fingerprints package here and put your key on the bot at Online Private Key field:

8. API Key

You need to register accounts at and put your key on the software. Accordingly, the software will automatically solve Google captcha (if any).

9. Sleep (Milliseconds)

You enter the range of time (in milliseconds) that you want the bot to rest.

For example, you put 30000 and 60000 into Minimum Value and Maximum Value sections, the GmailAutoFarm bot will rest randomly for 30 seconds to 1 minute before starting a new thread.


II. Accounts and proxies

1. How to import Data to the Database Manager dialog box – Farm Input section 

You are required to import gmail accounts to the Database Manager Dialog box. Refer to how to import data HERE 


Next, you check Data group at Farm Input field as follows:


2. Proxy source

2.1. Proxy from file

To protect your gmail accounts from being banned, you are required to use different IPs as well as rent proxies. The GmailAutoFarm supports https proxy with the format as IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT.  Refer to the high quality proxies HERE 

If you want to use proxy file, then you add your proxies into a txt file and tap on the icon add to put it: 


2.2. Proxy source from data

In case you need each account connected to a separate proxy, you can select Proxy source from data and import proxies into the Database Manager dialog box: 

Refer to how to import data here


2.3. No proxy

If you want to use your IP (connected from your network), then you choose No proxy. Keed in mind this option should be used to open 1-2 threads or for testing only, otherwise your accounts may be banned. 

III. Auto farm Gmail accounts in bulk – Farm module

You locate Farm Module Section to see farming features of the GmailAutoFarm bot: 

gmail-auto-farming-bot-farming features

And then click Yes at the functions/fields that you want to farm: 


1. Youtube channel

If you choose Yes at Youtube channel, the tool will automatically create a default Youtube channel from your gmail account.

2. Youtube action

Youtube action means the GmailAutoFarm bot will browse Youtube and watch or like any videos

3. Update Avatar? 

If you want the bot to update avatars for Gmail accounts, you choose Yes at Update Avatar section. Otherwise, select No


In case you select Yes, you need to create a new folder to save photos as avatars.


Next, at Photo folder field, click on => add the folder path to the bot:


4. Read random web

If you choose Yes at Read random web, then you put the file that saves the websites on the bot at Website list field:


Each site should be written on per line.

5. Send email?

The GmailAutoFarm bot will send email to the list of receiver that you add. The email content will be written randomly. 

You need to add your list of receiver emails and tap on the icon to put the file at Receiver Email field:


Each email should be written on per line.

6. Read Emails?

After logging in Gmail accounts, the tool will go into Inbox to read emails. 

7. Google News, Google Map, Google Alert, GoogleDrive

If you choose Yes at these fields, then the tool will visit Google to read any News, Google Map, Google Alert and create GoogleDrive randomly.  

8. Manual Control

When you want to login accounts manually with different browsers, you can select Yes at Manual Control section => click OK.

Next, you follow the browsers until you see red wifi icon as the following photo => click on Show Browser

After control the browser manually as you want, you close the browser => the bot will run another browser with another IP.

How to farm Gmail accounts efficiently with GmailAutoFarm bot 

1. Farming accounts as soon as they are created will minimize the rate of accounts being banned.
2. If you use Gmail generator to create bulk gmail accounts, then you remember to use the same Cookies Folder with farming accounts.
3. It is recommended to farm new Gmail accounts for 7-10 days before using them for specific purposes.
4. Choose 3 of the farming features to run at the same time.

Tutorial Video

In the end, thank you for following the tutorial on how to use our GmailAutoFarm bot. 

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