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Automatic Youtube Uploader – Bulk upload videos to Youtube

Automatic YouTube Uploader Bot allows users to upload thousands of videos at the same time. The bot automatically completes all the steps to upload videos such as adding videos, customizing titles, descriptions, tags and more. YouTube Reup Bot is popular with content creators, video marketers and businesses that need to upload a large number of videos to their YouTube channels regularly. That helps increase your consistency in Youtube and then enhance your social personality in this huge video world. 


  • Provide thousands of desktop useragents and emulators 
  • Auto Create Multiple YouTube channels at the same time
  • Publish bulk videos to multiple YouTube channels simultaneously
  • Manage multiple YouTube channels
  • Auto add logo (watermark) to videos before uploading them to YouTube Channels
  • Auto solve Google captcha
  • Use different IPs to protect your accounts from being locked out of YouTube
  • User friendly interface 


Here is the interface of YouTubeReupBot

Automatic Youtube Uploader - design


1.1. License Key – Automatic Youtube Uploader

Visit to COPY the license key after completing for payment:

License Key - Youtube upload bot

Then put the license key on the software:

Software License - Youtube Reup Bot

1.2. Run

Set the number of times that the software will run successfully according to your need. You can set the number as default, then the software will keep on running until you press STOP. 

1.3. Useragent (Desktop)

Download Useragent (Desktop) in the download link that is provided => then put at Useragent (Desktop) field=> to link the file to the software:  

virtual devices - Automatic Youtube Uploader

1.4. Threads

Threads mean the number of tabs, browsers or windows that open at the same time and are set according to your computer configuration. 

In case your device is 64GB RAM and core i9, then you are able to set 100 threads simultaneously.  

number of browsers - Automatic Youtube Uploader

1.5. Proxy Source – Automatic Youtube Uploader

To prevent your Gmail accounts from being locked out of Google and unable to access a Google product, you should use proxy or different IPs. Refer to Static Proxy at

Note:  You should use proxy with the format as IP:Port:Username (if any):Password (if any). 

1.5.1. From Data

At Proxy Source, select From Data

If you want to use a different IP imported with Gmail accounts, then you choose From Data

Kindly refer to HOW TO IMPORT DATA into the Database Manager box and use this Template

Database Manager - Youtube upload bot

Note that you need to import proxy with gmail accounts according to the format as Gmail,Password,Recovery email,Proxy,Port,Proxy User (if any),Proxy Password (if any).

Later, choose group of accounts at Youtube Accounts field: 

group of Youtube accounts - Automatic Youtube Uploader

1.5.2. From File

At Proxy Source field, choose From File

Next, at File Proxy field, you choose LinesFromFile, then enter proxies in a text file and add the file to the software at File Proxy field.


1.5.3. No Proxy

At Proxy Source, select No.

Proxy source  - Youtube upload tool

If you choose No proxy, then the software will use your own IP to run. This option should be used to test the bot only

1.6. YouTube Accounts – Youtube Uploader Bot

Click on Data to import YouTube accounts to the Database Manager box of the YouTube software

Follow Section 1.5.1 to see how to import data to the bot 

Then, at YouTube Accounts field, you select the group of accounts that you want to run.

Youtube accounts - Automatic Youtube Uploader

1.7. Cookies and Data folders

1.7.1. Cookies Folder 

Create a folder named cookies and set the path on the bot. This folder stores login state and profiles of your accounts so that the software does not have to log in again for the next time, then you should put it in the disk with the largest empty space. 

cookies folder - Youtube uploader

1.7.2. Data Folder

Do the same as Cookies Folder. This folder stores watermark’s photos (if any). 

data folder - Auto upload bulk Youtube videos

1.8. Captcha Key

Register an account at and paste your API key to the bot: 

Captcha Key - Youtube upload tool

1.9. Random Delays

Set the pause or resting time between 2 actions (Unit is milliseconds

For example, the software will pause in 5- 20 seconds between 2 actions as shown below: 

Delay time - Youtube uploader tool

Note that: please complete all the above settings before using functions of the YouTube Uploader Bot

II. How to Create a Channel using Automatic YouTube Uploader

If your account has not yet created a YouTube channel, then you have to Create Channel before uploading videos to YouTube.

First, you choose Create a Channel at Action field: 

Create channel - Youtube Uploader Bot





Next, complete all the general settings before clicking on OK to run.

After completing the process, the results shall be displayed in Database Manager Box, column of Channel URL: 

channel URL - database manager

III. Upload videos in bulk with YouTube Uploader Bot 

if your account has a YouTube channel already, then you can run Upload Video immediately. 

Functions- Youtube Re-Up Bot




3.1. Upload Data – YouTube Uploader Bot

You need to enter the data of your videos that you want to upload

First, click on Data to open Database Manager dialog box => at Select Table, choose from Data as shown:

Data to upload Youtube videos

Next, click on to set the group name (3) and then add Items (4) as shown below: 

Data settings to upload Youtube videos

Then, import the following details: 

  • Videoenter the name of video correctly (shown in the Video folder).mp4 (for example: REGGMAIL.mp4
  • Title – set title to the YouTube Video
  • Description – specify description to your videos
  • Tag helps viewers find your video
  • Category – see the following list and enter the appropriate number of category that you have to choose from

Category numbers - Youtube upload tool

  • Uploaded Video will be filled automatically while the software is running. 

Here is an example to import those information:

information fields - How to upload bulk Youtube videos

(Or you can follow HOW TO IMPORT DATA more to enter multiple information at the same time and then you can use this template if necessary. 

At the final step, at Upload Data field, choose from the group of data you want to use: 

Upload data group - Youtube uploader

3.2. Video Folder

video folder - Youtube bulk uploader

Then put the path on the bot at Folder Video field:

video folder - Youtube uploading tool

3.3. Custom Channel – Automatic Youtube Uploader

If your YouTube account has many channels and you need to indicate the channel to upload videos, then you choose Yes at Custom Channel field.

choose default channel - Youtube auto uploader

Next, enter the Channel Name into Account Table (follow Section 1.6.1 more). Accordingly, the software will go the the specified channel to upload videos.

defaul channel - Youtube upload tool

And if you choose No at Custom Channel? field, then YouTube uploader bot will re-up videos to your default channel.

You can set default channel here

3.4. Will Watermark – YouTube Uploader Tool

Choose Yes at Will Watermark? field if you wanna add watermark to your videos.

How to upload Youtube videos with watermark

Next, need to save the watermark photo in Data Folder (follow Section 1.8.2 more) and set the name of the photo as watermark.

watermark - Re-upload Youtube videos

Previously, you need to download the FFMpeg video handling software. Contact admin to be supported more. 

3.5. Daily Limit

Set the limit of the number of videos uploaded per day.

Daily Limit - Youtube uploader software

3.6. Sleep After Upload

Specify the time so that the software pauses or rests after uploading a video successfully. (Unit is Milliseconds)

Sleeping time - Youtube reup bot

3.7. Delete Uploaded Video

If you want to remove the videos (that have been uploaded) from the video folder, then choose Yes at Delete Uploaded Video field. And vice versa.

Delete videos that are uploaded already - Youtube reup bot

3.8. Force Reup?

Choose Yes here so that the software will not upload the same videos to your channel. Otherwise, choose No.

Repeat videos to upload on Youtube

3.9. How to check Results and Windows (Browsers) – Automatic Youtube Uploader

You can open each browser to see how the software operates and then check any updates from the Log section. 

How to shown Browsers - Youtube uploader bot

Results after running Youtube uploader tool

Finally, you can see all the results in the Results:

Results section - Youtube reup bot



In the end, we appreciate your time and hope you find this manual useful. 

For more details, kindly contact us at

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