Create suggested keywords on Google and Youtube using KeywordSuggestion tool

Nowadays, searching for information on the internet has become popular and absolutely necessary in the community. In particular, YouTube and Google are the largest search engines worldwide with billions of monthly traffic. However, in order for your keyword to be more visible and suggested by Google and YouTube, keyword research and development is so crucial and contributes greatly to keyword rankings. On that basis, Qnibot has also developed a great tool named KeywordSuggestion, it allows you to create suggested keywords while protecting their ranking is always suggested by the search giants.

What can you expect after purchasing KeywordSuggestion – Create Suggested Keywords? 

  1. Suggest Google Keywords: Support your keyword to be recommended by Google. 
  2. Keep Google Suggested Keywords: Boost clicks in favor of suggested keywords and maintain your keywords’ ranking on Google 
  3. Suggest YouTube Keywords: Help your keywords to appear on the suggested page of YouTube
  4. Keep YouTube Suggested Keywords: Drive more traffic (clicks) to suggested keywords and remain your keyword’s visibility unchanged on YouTube.
  5. Unlimited number of keywords to boost suggestions.
  6. Use different IPs or Residential Rotating Proxy to protect your Google accounts and improve your credibility score
  7. Automatically store Gmail cookies and profiles after successful login and then no need to re-login for the next time
  8. Emulate thousands of different virtual devices (both desktop and mobile)
  9. Simulate real user behavior by clicking randomly on the internal page.

How to create suggested keywords using KeywordSuggestion Tool

A- General Settings – KeywordSuggestion

A1. License Key – Create Suggested Keywords

You will be issued with a license key upon completion of payment. Go to and then put your Key correctly as shown: 

License Key - KeywordSuggestion

A2. Run 

If you set Run=1000, the tool will automatically stop after getting success in 1000 times. You can leave it as default, no need to change.

Number of times to run - how to create suggested keywords

A3. Threads 

Indicate the number of tabs, browsers or windows opened at the same time. Depending on your computer configuration, you can set the number of threads accordingly. For example: 1 device of 64GB RAM and core i9 can be used to run 80-100 threads parallelly. 

number of browsers to create suggested keywords

A4. Click Method – Create Suggested Keywords

targeted method - boost your keyword on the suggested page

Choose one of 2 methods:
Randomly: the software will randomly click on search results without targeting a specific audience.
Targeted: click on the website, title or phrase depending on your need and your settings. See more in Data For Google and Data For YouTube fields. 

A5. IP Option (Proxy) – Create Suggested Keywords

You should choose Residential Proxy to get the best performance and protect your accounts from being banned by Google.

Get the best proxy at

(Required Proxy Format as IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT)

A5.1 From Gmail List 

If you want to use a separate proxy assigned to each account, then you choose From Gmail List.

Next, enter your IP and port along with your accounts in a text file and click on the icon to add the file at Gmail accounts field: 

gmail accounts - make your keywords on the suggested page

A5.2 From File 

If you want to use proxies in a text file, then you choose Linesfromfile and put the file on the bot:

proxy file - keyword suggestion booster

A5.3 No proxy 

This option should be used to test the software only. You can not open multiple browsers with the same IP. 

A6. Gmail Accounts (See A5.1 more)

If you choose proxy from Gmail list, then you enter your gmail accounts in a text file with the format as gmailaccount:password:recoveryemail:IP (if any):PORT (if any):USERPASS (if any):PASS(if any) as mentioned at Item A5.1.

Otherwise, you import gmailaccount:password:recoveryemail only and then add your file to the bot: 

Gmail accounts - boost youtube keyword higher

A7. Cookies and Data Folder

   1. Cookies folder

Create a folder named cookies and then put the path link on the bot:

gmail cookies - Keywordsuggestion tool

The software will automatically update login state and profiles of your Google accounts in this folder, so that it does not need to re-login for the next time. Accordingly, you should save this folder in a hard drive having the most empty space.

   2. Data Folder

Do the same as cookies folder as above. The folder stores collected results of the software. 

A8. Useragent Desktop and Useragent Mobile

Download the Useragent Mobile file and then click on the icon to upload the file at Useragent (Mobile) field: 

Mobile virtual devices - boost keyword ranking on Youtube

And vice versa, if you need to use the desktop virtual devices, then you add the Desktop file:


A9. Internal click – Create Suggested Keywords

This is the number of clicks on the internal links of your Google page or YouTube page. 

This feature helps simulate real human behaviors. 

If you set Internal Click = 1-3, then the software clicks on 1-3 internal links randomly after going to your sites or your YouTube videos. 

Number of clicks to boost your Keyword

A10. Pausing

Pausing is to set the random break time.

For example: You set Pausing = 60 seconds-90 seconds, then the software will take a rest randomly from 60 sec – 90 sec depending on the threads.

break time - suggested keywords booster

A11. Will Rent Cookies?

In addition to providing KeywordSuggesstion tool, we also have Gmail cookies to run. 

If you rent gmail cookies from us, then you choose Yes and put the purchased file on the bot at Rent Cookies field:

gmail cookies - rank your keyword

Before using functions of the software, remember to finish with all the general settings instructed in Part A above. 

B. How to Create Suggested Keywords on Google and Youtube


B1. Suggest Google Keywords and Keep Google Suggested Keywords

B1.1 Suggest Google Keywords

First, you need to set Data for Google field to run with Suggest Google Keywords. 

At the first step, click on Data to open Database Manager box as shown: 


Next, add items into the corresponding lines:  


Or you can see Instruction on how to import data more to add items in bulk. 

Later, choose group of data at Data for Google field: 


Then, get the default URL of Google in your country at Default Google URL field. For example you can see Google URL of Thailand as below: 


Finally, set the limit of Google pages that you want the software to search for:

keyword ranking booster

B1.2 Keep Google Suggested Keywords

This action helps boost more clicks to your keywords and protect your keyword’s ranking on Google. You also complete all the general settings and ones mentioned on B1.1 and then click on OK to run. 

Tutorial Video 


B2. Suggest Youtube Keywords and Keep Youtube Suggested Keywords

B2.1 Suggest Youtube Keywords

First, you also follow Item B1.1 to open Database Manager box and then choose Table: Youtube Popular Keywords 

boost youtube keywords

Next, take the below steps and then add Items to search: 

how to create suggested keywords

Later, you need to enter the following items:

Here’s how you get Popular Keyword and Suggested Keywords on Youtube:


With Phrase To Click, you need to get a part of the title only and make sure that this phrase does not appear twice on search result.

search for youtube keyword

You can see Instruction on how to import data more to add items in bulk.

Then, choose group of data at Data for Youtube field:

boost suggested keywords on Youtube

Note that: No need to fill in the Ranking field.

Finally, get the default URL of Youtube in accordance with your country. For example: you can set default URL of Youtube in Korea as below:


B2.2 Keep Youtube Suggested Keywords

You can run this function to drive more traffic or clicks to your suggested keyword and maintain its ranking on Youtube.

Choose Keep Youtube Suggested Keywords at Action field and complete all the settings mentioned at Item B2.1. 

Tutorial Video

How much is KeywordSuggestion? 


Thank you for following the tutorial.

We appreciate your time.

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