Spy Bing Ads to collect landing pages, titles and ads’s descriptions using BingadsLearner

Like other advertising platforms, Bing ADS allows you to target specific objects based on your search queries and other demographic information. To facilitate you to improve your campaign and customize your landing page, we have BingadsLearner that helps to spy Bing ads and get more valuable insights such as: landing pages, titles and descriptions in bulk. Accordingly, you can modify your campaign to the best efforts and knowledge and make a wise decision about your advertising strategies.

Why should you spy Bing Ads? 

  1. Landing Page Optimization: By analyzing landing pages of the rivals, you can understand what elements of the page contribute to higher engagement rates, conversion rates, and overall user experience. That helps optimize your landing pages to improve your ads campaign’s performance.

  2. Take exprience and make it better: Through Competitors’ keyword search, you have the ability to understand the keywords and phrases they are targeting and tailor them to better match your target audience. Along with the careful analysis of competitors’ ads details, you will be able to stay up-to-date with industry trends and adjust your own advertising strategy accordingly.

Great benefits of BingAdsLearner

  • Emulate thousands of mobile user-agents;
  • Spy on your Bing rivals’s campaigns; 
  • Collect Ads Titles on Bing automatically;
  • Gather thousands of ads descriptions on Bing; 
  • Auto-check specific website details; 
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Free and frequent updates.

Instruction for BingAdsLearner to Spy Bing Ads

1. License Key – Spy Bing Ads

COPY License Key from, then paste the Key on the bot at License Key field:

License Key - BingAdsLearner

2. Run

This is the number of times so that the software will run successfully. You can leave it as default. 
Number of times to Scrape Bing Ads details

3. Threads

Threads represent the number of tabs or browsers running simultaneously. Set this section comply with your computer configuration. For example: 1 device of 8GB RAM, core i5 can be used to open 40 tabs max.
Number of browsers - How to Spy Bing Ads

4. User-agents Mobi

Download the User-agent Mobile file that is included in the download link and put the file on the bot at User-agent Mobi field:
Mobile virtual devices - Scrape Bing ads

5. Proxy List

You should use proxy to get the best performance. Get the best proxy at
Then put your proxy URL at Proxy List field: 
proxy url - How to collect ads details on Bing

6. Keyword List (.txt) – Spy Bing Ads

Create a txt file to save the list of keywords you want the software to run and then put the created file on the bot as shown: 
Keywords to check Bing ads details

7. Folder Data

Create a folder named Data, then paste the path link of this folder at Folder Data field: 
Folder data to store spying results
This folder automatically stores collected results of the software. 

8. Pause (Unit: Miliseconds)

This is the break time between 2 actions.
For example, if you set 15000 – 20000 as shown below, the rest time between two actions is 15 to 20 seconds.
break time while collecting ads details of the rivals on Bing

9. Proteced Domains – Spy Bing Ads

Create a text file to save the list of website links without collecting titles, descriptions, landing pages (list of your sites).
Then click on the icon  to put the file on the bot at Protected Domain field:
protected sites without spying ads on bing

10. Will Check Details – Spy Bing Ads

If you want to check the website details to collect the landing page, title and description, then choose Yes.
Bing ads details collection
Otherwise, you choose No.

11. Check Specific Url – Spy Bing Ads

Choose Yes to check details of the specific websites and put the related file on the bot at Specific URL field:
How to check Bing ads details with specific sites
Otherwise, choose No. 
Finally, complete all the settings and click on OK to run. 

Pricing Tag – BingadsLearner – Collect Bing Ads details

In the end, thank you for following the manual. 
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