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Gmail Password Changer – Auto Update Avatar – Recovery Email – Check Login for gmail accounts

Updating Gmail password or recovery greatly helps protect and keep your personal information secure. However, if you have a large number of Gmail accounts, it is required to have a lot of time to change their information manually. Then, we offer Gmail Password Changer (commonly called GmailProfiler) that allows you to auto change your password and recovery-email with bulk Google accounts on a quickly and effectively basis. In addition, GmailProfiler helps manage your Google accounts with diverse functions such as: checking login, updating personal information, enabling IMAP/POP, etc. 

I. Main features of Gmail Password Changer – GmailProfiler

  1. Emulate thousands of emulators and User-agents
  2. Auto change different IPs with unlimited threads 
  3. Check Login: check if your accounts are banned or still active
  4. Change Security Details (Password and Recovery) 
  5. Change Basic Information: Profile picture, Name, Birthday
  6. Enable POP/IMAP


II. How to change Security and Basic Information using Gmail Password Changer

1. General settings – GmailProfiler 

Here are basic parameters of the software: 

interface - gmailprofiler

A. License Key

Visit to COPY License Key after purchasing the bot: 

License Key to run gmail password changer 

B. Run

This is the number of times that you want the software to run. You can leave it as default so that the software can keep on running continuously until you stop it manually. 

number of times to run gmail password changer

C. Threads

Set the number of threads (means tabs, browsers or windows) that is appropriate to your computer configuration. For example: 1 PC with RAM 8GB, core i7 shall be used to open 40 threads simultaneously. The higher core your PC is, the more threads you are able to set. 

number of threads - auto change gmail passwords

D. Useragent Desktop

You can get Useragent Desktop file in the Download link and put the icon to add the file to the software: 

useragents - gmail password changer

E. Proxy Option

proxy option - how to change password to bulk gmail accounts

E1. Dcom

Dcom is a wireless Internet access service that is available in Vietnam only. Also, you are not able to run multiple threads from this source. 

E2. Account Proxy

If you want to specify each IP to a single account, then you choose Account Proxy. 

Next, import your proxy with accounts into Database Manager box by following instructions on how to import data and then choose from group of accounts at Gmail Data field (as shown below in Step 5): 

Database Manager - gmail password changer bot

As shown above, you need to import the sections: Email,password,Recovery Email,Proxy,Port,Proxy Username (if any),Proxy Password (if any).

E3. File Proxy

At File proxy field, you choose LinesfromFile and click on the icon to put the proxy file on the bot at File proxy field as shown below: 


E4. Replace proxy

In case you want to use a different IP address from the one used previously, select Yes in the Replace Proxy field. And vice versa, if you want to keep the proxy unchanged, then choose from No.

replace IPs - auto change passwords to bulk gmails

F. Cookies Folder

Create a folder named cookies and then put the path to the software: 

gmail cookies - how to change gmail passwords

Note that the cookies folder stores the login state of your accounts so that the tool does not need to login again for each run. Therefore, you should choose a disk with a lot of free space to save this folder.

G. Use Cookies

In case you want to use cookies saved in the cookies folder or other tools (refer to gmailcreator more), then you leave it as default. Otherwise, select No so that the software can take new login or login your accounts again. 

cookies - auto change gmail passwords in bulk

H. Key Captcha

To help the software solve Google captcha automatically, then you register account at and paste API key to the bot:  

key captcha - auto change gmail passwords in bulk

2. Gmail Data – Import Data before using functions of Gmailprofiler 

Before using functions of the Gmailprofiler, first you are required to enter gmail accounts to the Database Manager box by referring to HOW TO IMPORT DATA

Next, select a related group of account at Gmail Data field:

gmail data - how to change gmail passwords in bulk

3. How to use each function of Gmail password changer 

3.1. Check Login

This is to check the login status of your accounts. 

Select Yes at Check Login.

Check all the parameters and settings mentioned at Section 1 and 2 and click on OK to run.

After completing a process, the results shall be displayed in the Results section or Database Manager box as shown: 

Database Manager - results after running gmailprofiler

3.2. Change Password

Enter Yes at Change Password field

Next, at New PassWord field, you can set New Password

Click on the icon and put @Test to preview new password and customize it if needed (using Tips shown below): 

gmail change password bot

Finally, check all the parameters and settings mentioned at Section 1 and 2 and click on OK to run.

3.3. Change Profile Image (Change Avatar)

Select Yes at Change Avatar field.

Then, save your images that you need to update in a folder

Next, put the icon to add the folder to the bot or you can paste the path as below: 

Gmail update avatar bot

Finally, check all the parameters and settings mentioned at Section 1 and 2 and click on OK to run.

3.4. Change Name

Choose Yes at Change Name field.

Create a text file to save First Name and Last Name.

Next, at First Name and Last Name fields, put the files on the bot:

auto change bulk gmail passwords

Finally, complete all the settings mentioned at Section 1 and 2 and click on OK to run.

3.5. Change Recovery Email

Select Yes at Change Recovery Email section.

Create a text file to enter Recovery Email according to format as email,password,IMAP server, IMAP port. You can do search on Google to get the IMAP server and IMAP port correctly of your Recovery Email.

Note that Recovery Emails need to have IMAP/POP enabled.

recovery settings - gmail password changer

Next, put the file on the bot at Recovery Email field: 

recovery email settings - how to change gmail password


Finally, make sure that you did set up all the settings mentioned at Section 1 & 2 and then click on OK to run.

3.6. Verify Recovery Email

You can choose No here all the time so that your recovery will not be required for code verification. 

how to verify recovery email - how to change gmail passwords

3.7. Enable IMAP/POP

Check all the settings mentioned at Section 1 and 2 and click on OK to run.

After enabling IMAP/POP, then you can see Enabled IMAP/POP3 in Results section:

enable IMAP - gmail password changer

3.8. Change DOB (birthday)

First, check all the required settings mentioned at Section 1 and 2.

Next, customize Day, Month, Year depending on your need at Day, Month, Year fields as shown: 

change passwords to bulk gmail accounts

Finally, enter OK to run.

3.9. Manual Control

manual control - gmail password changer

At Manual Control field, select Yes to control your accounts manually. 

Check all the general settings mentioned at Section 1 and and click on OK to run.

4. How to show Browsers and check Results

Click on Browsers to see if your accounts are logged in or not, check update at Log section and get results at Results section:

how to check results - gmail password changer

III. How much does Gmail Password Changer cost? 


In the end, we hope you find this tutorial helpful. Thank you 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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