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Bing is one of the most popular search tools worldwide. It takes lots of time, money and effort to bring a website to the top search results on Bing. To reach this target more quickly, you can use a Bing SEO tool.


  • Our Bing SEO bot can simulate multiple devices to search and visit your website on Bing, so it can increase search and direct traffic for your website quickly
  • BingSEO software can manage unlimited keywords and websites
  • You can use Dcom as well as proxy
  • The bot can click on an internal link after visiting your website if you want
  • The software simulates real users’ activities to increase the quality of traffic
  • There are tutorials in text and video
  • Our IT team updates the tool frequently without fee 


Step 1. Visit => login your account => click on at your username => choose License Key 

Bing SEO tool - license

Step 2. Click on icon next to BingSEO, you will see the link to download BingSEO.rar and a Mobile useragent file (refer to 5. Useragent (Mobile) section  of Part B).

Bing SEO tool -  download

Step 3. Unzip the BingSEO.rar => open BingSEO folder => double click on   to install the BingSEO software

Bing SEO tool - installation

Step 4. You select the language (en = English or ru = Russia)  => click OK

Bing SEO tool - choose language

Step 5. On Start Type dialog box

Bing SEO tool - schedule application

  • In case you want to run the bot instantly, you choose Run Now => click OK

Bing SEO tool - run now

The interface of BingSEO software will appear

Bing SEO tool -  interface


1. License Key

Follow step 1 in part A, you will see your license in KEY column => copy and paste the provided license into License Key section.

Bing SEO tool - license key


2. Run

Run section presents the number of times that you want our BIngSEO bot to click on your website on Bing.

If you leave this section as the default, the bot will run continuously until you stop it manually.

Bing SEO tool - Run

You can put the number of clicks that you want into Run section.

For example, you put 2000 as the following photo, the bot will automatically stop after finishing 2000 clicks

bingseo bot - run

3. Threads

Threads section shows the number of tabs that the Bing SEO software will run at the same time.

For example, you enter 6 into Threads section, 6 tabs will be run simultaneously to click on your website on Bing.

Bing SEO tool - Threads

Note: the number of threads that you can run depends on your PC configuration (1 core CPU can run 5-7 threads).

4. Traffic Source

If you want to increase direct traffic, you select Direct at Traffic Source, the Bing SEO software will directly click on the links you import in Input section. Then, you need to set up sections 1 – 8 in part B.

Bing SEO tool - direct traffic

If you want the Bing SEO bot to search for keywords on Bing then click on your website, you select Search at Traffic Source. Then, you need to set up all sections in part B.

Bing SEO tool - search traffic

5. Useragent (Mobile)

You click on  at Useragent (Mobile) section => choose the useragent file that you downloaded in step 2 of part A => click Open 

Bing SEO tool -  useragent

6. Proxy Option

There are 3 options

6.1. Dcom

In case you select Dcom at Proxy Option section, you need to attach the Dcom to your PC. The software will automatically turn the Dcom on and off to run.

If you do not attach the Dcom, the software will run with the IP of your PC.

BingSeo bot - proxy

6.2. From File

Firstly, at  Proxy Option section, you select From File

bingseo software  - proxy

Next, at File Proxies section, you have 2 choices

  • In case you select LinesFromUrl, you paste the link address of proxy into File Proxies section

Rank your website on top Bing search - proxy url

  • In case you select LinesFromFile, you need to create a text file to save proxy per line in format IP:Port or IP:Port:ProxyUsername:ProxyPassword => click on at File Proxies section => select the created text file of proxy => click Open

bingseo bot - proxy file

6.3. RRP

In case you rent residential proxy from, you select RRP at Proxy Source section. Our Bing SEO tool will get proxy and run automatically

Rank your website on top Bing search - rrp

7. Pause Between Two Search 

You set the time (in milliseconds) that you want the bot to stay on your website in this section.

For example, you put 25000 to 35000 into Maximum Value and Minimum Value in Pause Between Two Search section, the bot will stay on your website for 25 seconds to 35 seconds and simulate human activities before starting a new search.

Pause Between Two Search  - bingseo bot

8. Input – Bing SEO tool

You need to import the data for the Bing SEO bot to run.

First of all, you click  on the BingSEO software interface as the below photo

BingSEO tool - input

Then, the Database Manager dialog box will appear

You can import data in 2 ways. Kindly refer to How to import data


  • In case you select Search at Traffic Source section (refer to 4. Traffic Source section), the data you import includes Text To Click, Keywords, Link 1 (if any), Link 2 (if any), Link 3 (if any). Refer to Template.
  • In case you select Direct at Traffic Source section (refer to 4. Traffic Source section), the data you import includes Website Link. Refer to Template.
  • Website/Text To Click is the main link/ text that you want the bot to click.
  • Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 are the internal links that you want the BingSEO bot to visit (refer to 9. Click internal link section)

Finally, at Input section, you select the group of data that you want to use.

Input - bingseo tool

9. Click internal link

If you want the BingSEO bot to read more articles on your website after visiting your website, you select Yes at Click internal link section. Otherwise, you select No.

bingseo tool - click internal link

In case you select Yes at Click internal link section, you need to set up the Internal Clicks and Pause Between Internal Pages sections, too

  • Internal Clicks

At Internal Clicks section, you enter the number of internal articles that you want the software to click.

For example, you put 1 and 3 into Maximum Value and Minimum Value, the Bing SEO bot will continue to click on 1 to 3 articles on your website after visiting the imported link.

Internal click - bingseo

  • Pause Between Internal Pages

At Pause Between Internal Pages section, you enter the time (in milliseconds) that you want the bot to rest between internal pages.

For example, you enter 60000 and 120000 into Maximum Value and Minimum Value. After the bot clicks on the first internal page, it will randomly rest for 1 minute to 2 minutes before visiting the second internal page.

Pause Between Internal Pages - bingseo bot

10. Page Limit

If you select Search at Traffic source section (refer to 4. Traffic Source), at Page Limit section, you set the number of pages that you want the Bing SEO tool to search for with the imported keyword in Input section 

For example, if your website is on the third page when you search for the keyword on Bing, you can enter 5 into Page Limit section. The bot will search for the keyword and load pages from 1-5, it can see your website on page 3.

In case you choose Direct at Traffic source section, you do not need to set up this section.

11. Bing Link – Bing SEO tool

You leave this section as the default

bing link - bingseo

Finally, you click OK

You can click on Show Browser to see how the BingSEO bot runs.

show browser - bing seo

Tutorial Video 

Thank you for following this tutorial on how to run Bing SEO software. We hope it is helpful.

For more details, please contact us at Qnibot


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