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Google Ads tool – Farm thousands of Google Ads Accounts – Auto Add Ads Campaigns

That is a good idea to have a trusted source of Google ads accounts before entering video or search campaign. With that in mind, our Google Ads tool not only helps you to create bulk Google Ads accounts but also warm up them beforehand. if you are indeed in search of a reputable provider, let’s consider Qnibot. Take a look at the Autocamp software with user-friendly interface and then find out how to use the software in detail.

I. What can we do for you with Autocamp – Google Ads Tool?

  • Emulate thousands of different useragents and emulators 
  • Open unlimited threads and browsers 
  • Auto Create Multiple Google Ads accounts
  • Farm Gmail profiles before going to a camp
  • Enter Dummy campaigns (video campaigns) 
  • Go to Real campaigns (Search campaigns) 
  • Support add bank/card automatically

II. Instructions for using Google Ads Tool



Before running any functions of the software, the following items should be completed:

A.1. License Key – Google Ads Tool

You need to COPY the key shown on after purchasing the software: 

License Key to run Google ads farming tool



A.2. Run

Run is the number of times that the software runs successfully. You can set it as default.

Run - number of times to run AUTO GGA Tool



For example, when you set Run = 1000, if the software runs 1000 times successfully, then it automatically stops. 

A.3. Threads 

Threads is the number of tabs or browsers running at the same time. Set the number of threads that suit your computer configuration.

Eg: 1 PC with RAM 16GB, core i7 shall be used to open 50-60 threads simultaneously. 

Number of browsers to open google ads tool

A.4. Accounts – Google Ads Tool

This is to enter Gmail accounts into Database Manager box. Kindly follow HOW TO IMPORT DATA more.

Database Manager dialog box - google ads tool

After entering the data, select the account group to run at Accounts field.

group of google ads accounts






A.5. Use Proxy 

To use a proxy in the software, select Yes at Use Proxy field and put the proxy along with the accounts (refer to section A.4.Account above).

Proxy - Auto farm google ads profiles in bulk




Vice versa, select No, then the software will use your IP to run. 

A.6. Cookies Folder and Data Folder

Create 2 folders named  “Cookies” and “Data”,

gmail cookies - google ads bot


then paste the path of these folders to the bot at Cookies Folder and Data Folder fields: 

Cookies folder path - how to run ads using AUTOCAMP

Cookies folder is to store the cookies (login state) and profiles of the accounts, so that the software will not have to re-login into accounts for the next time.

Data folder stores collected results after the software run successfully. 

A.7. Delay (Milliseconds)

This is the time to rest between two clicks in milliseconds. For example, if you set at 5000 – 7000, the time interval between 2 clicks is 5-7 seconds.

Delay time - Auto run ads search campaign using AUTOCAMP




A.8. Sleep

Sleep is the rest time between two runs (unit is milliseconds).

For example, if you set from 30000 to 60000, the rest time between 2 runs is 30-40 seconds.

Sleep time - google ads tool





After setting the above necessary items, you can use the functions in the software.

Below are detailed instructions for each function:

B.1. Manual Control

This is to control your accounts manually. 

Choose Yes at Manual Control field and then click on OK to run: 

Manual control - google ads tool




Next, you can open each browser to control: 

How to show browsers - google ads tool






B.2. Farm Profile – Google Ads Tool

This option is used to farm google ads accounts and simulate human behaviours. To use this function, you need to install the following items:

Select Yes at Farm Profile field.

Create a text file to store random websites that you want the software to click on

Next, put Random Webs file on the bot at Random Webs field: 

random web to run google ads tool

Finally, enter OK to run. 

Tutorial Video


B.3. Reg GGA – Google Ads Tool

Reg GGA is used to register bulk Google Ads accounts.

Select Yes at Reg GGA field

How to register google ads accounts

Next, set Time Wait to Reg (Day):

This is the waiting time to register Google Ads accounts. For example, you set 1-2 as shown below, which means that after the accounts log into the software, 1-2 days later you can create a Google Ads account. In the meantime, you can farm profiles to make them more reliable.  

waiting time to register google ads accounts





After the accounts are successfully logged into the software, then the login time will be displayed in the Farm Profile column (Click on Data in the lower left corner of the software)

Database Manager - farm google ads profiles

Subsequently, click on OK to run. 

Reg Threshold column will show Done status after Google Ads accounts are created successfully. 

Date of registering google ads accounts

B.4. Dummy Camp – Google Ads Tool

Dummy Camp refers to run a campaign through videos.

At first step, select Yes at Dummy Camp field: 

Auto run ads video campaigns




For Dummy Camp, you need to set up these fields:

  1. Time Wait to Dummy Camp (Day)

  2. Video for Dummy Camp

  3. Country and Language

  4. Daily Budget and Cost per Click

  5. Add Billing with Card and Add Billing with Bank

  6. Force Add Billing

B4.1. Set Time Wait to Dummy Camp (Day)

This is the waiting time to make dummy camp or make video campaign. For example, you set 3-5 as shown below, which means that after the accounts log into the software, then 3-5 days later you can make video campaign. In the meantime, you can farm profiles to make them more reliable.  

waiting time to run ads video campaigns




B4.2. Put Video for Dummy Camp

  • Create a text file to put video links you want to run camp.

how to run ads video campaign - google ads bot

Note that: put video links without https:// or http:// as shown above. 

  • Click on the icon   at Video for Dummy Camp field ==> link the file to the bot.

video links for running video ads - google ads tool

B.4.3. Country and Language – Google Ads Tool

Set the Country and Language to run a camp. Enter Country and language depending on your need at Country and Language fields:

country setting - google ads tool

Or you can click on the  sửa-1.png (22×30)  icon ==> put @Test to preview the country and language and change them if needed. 

language setting - google ads software

B.4.4. Daily Budget and Cost per Click

  • Specify budget limit to run ads per day in dollars ($) at Daily Budget field: 

For example, you can set the minimum daily budget of $10 and the maximum one of $15 as shown below: 

daily budget - run google ads




  • Set Cost per click (for each time to click on ads), Unit: dollars ($). For example you can set 0.1 dollars as below: 




B.4.5. Add Billing with Card and Add Billing with Bank

If you want to add Billing after running a camp, then choose Yes in these two fields.

Add banks on google ads






And vice versa, choose No, then the tool will stop so that you can add cards and banks manually.

B.4.6. Force Add Billing

If you select Yes at Force Add Billing field, create a txt file to store bank information with the format: account number,routing number

Bank information - add banks manually

And then click on the icon to put the file on the bot at Bank File field: 

bank file - google ads bot


In case you choose No at Force Add Billing field, you are not required to add Bank File: 

add billing manually - google ads bot





Finally, click on OK to run. 

B.5. Real Camp (Search campaigns) – Google Ads Tool

Real Camp is used to run Search campaigns. 

You need to set up these fields to run Search campaigns:

 run ads search campaigns - google ads bot

B.5.1. Put Landing Page

Create a txt file to save the sites to camp.

landing page - run ads search campaign

Then click on the icon at Landing Page field ==> link the file to the bot: 

landing page for ads search campaign

B.5.2. Headline

Create a text file to save titles or headline for search campaign.

Headline to run google ads

Then click on the icon at Headline field ==> put the file on the bot.

headline settings - google ads bot

B.5.3. Description

Create text file to save the description when running a camp.

Then click on the icon at Description field ==> insert the file to the software.

description - google ads farming tool

B.5.5. Tag File Real Camp

Put the list of campaign keywords (tags) on a text file. 

Then click on the icon at Tag File Real Camp field==> Add the file to the software: 

tag file for running ads search campaign

Next, you need to set the number of keywords (tags) for each camp in the Number of Tags section. For example, if you set at 3-5, then the software enters at least 3 tags and up to 5 tags from the Tag File that is added already above. 

limit of number of tags




B.5.6. Time Wait to Real Camp (Day)

This is the waiting time for automatic search campaign. For example, you set 3-5 as shown below, which means that after the accounts log into the software, then 3-5 days later you can go to search campaign. In the meantime, you can farm profiles to make them more reliable.  

waiting time - running ads campaign




B.5.7. Add Billing with Card, Add Billing with Bank and Force Add Billing

Follow Sections B4.5 and B4.6 for more details. 

B.5.8. How to get Results, Browsers and Logs

You can open browsers to see how the software works and find out any updates of the tool from the Log section:

results after running google ads tool

Finally, click on Results to get all the collected data. 

Live Proof

III. Pricing plans


In the end, thank you for following the post.

We hope you find this manual helpful.

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