Increase Youtube livestream views with YouTubeLiveChat – Auto Chatting on YouTube

Use YouTubeLiveChat bot to increase youtube livestream views, likes and chat automatically. Then, your livestream can attract more viewers, you can increase the efficiency of marketing and create more profit for your business.


  • Auto Increase YouTube livestream Views
  • Auto chat on YouTube livestream videos
  • You can customize the content of chat and the watching time
  • The bot can search top live-stream videos and comment on these videos
  • The bot can manage unlimited YouTube accounts
  • The software can run multiple accounts simultaneously
  • You can use rotating proxy
  • Save time and cost
  • Free and frequent update



Step 1. Login your account on our website Click on under YouTubeLiveChat in SOFTWARE column as the following photo

Youtube livestream view bot - download

Step 2. Download the YouTubeLiveChar.rar and provided desktop useragent file(refer to B6. Useragent (Desktop) section). Then, you unzip the YouTubeLiveChar.rar => open YouTubeLiveChar => double click on to install the software

Youtube livestream view bot - install

Step 3. On the Language Choose dialog box, you choose the language ( enEnglish or ruRussia) => click OK

Youtube livestream view bot  - choose language

Step 4. In Start Type dialog box

  • In case you want to set a schedule for the YouTube livestream view tool to run later, you select Schedule Application and refer to How to use schedule application to see the tutorial.

Youtube livestream view bot - schedule application

  • In case you want to run the bot immediately, you select Run Now => click ok

Youtube livestream view bot - run now

The interface of YouTube livestream view bot will appear

Youtube livestream view bot - interface


B1. License Key

Follow step 1 in part A, you will see your license in KEY column. Click on  in ACTION column to take the license and paste it into License Key section.

Youtube livestream view bot - license key

B2. Run

Run section presents the total number of views that you want the YouTubeLiveChat software to watch your YouTube livestream videos.

For example, if you put 200 into Run section, the bot will automatically stop after running 200 views.

Youtube view software - run

If you do not define the number of views that you need, you can leave Run section as the default and stop the bot anytime you want manually.

Youtube view bot - run

B3. Threads

At Threads section, you put the number of viewers you want to get at the same time.

For example, if you enter 10 into Threads section, the bot will open 10 tabs and give 10 viewers simultaneously 

Youtube view bot - threads

Note: the number of threads depends on your PC configuration (1 core CPU can run 5-7 threads)

B4. Gmail

The software will login Gmail accounts that you imported in this section to watch, like or comment on livestream videos.

To import Gmail accounts, you click on at the bottom left corner of the YouTubeLiveChat interface

Youtube view bot - import data

Next, you will see the Database Manager dialog box where you import Gmail accounts

Youtube view bot - database manager

Refer to How to import data, you will see steps to import Gmail accounts.


  • In case you select From Data at Proxy Source (refer to B7. Proxy Source section), you need to import Email, Password, Recovery Email, Proxy, Port, Proxy Username (if any), Proxy Password (if any). Please refer to Template.
  • In case you select other options (From File, RRP, No Proxy) at Proxy Source (refer to B7. Proxy Source section), you need to import Email, Password, Recovery Email. Please refer to Template.
  • In case you use Gmail Cookies (refer to B15. Rent Cookies section), you do not need to set up this section.

Finally, you select the group of Gmail accounts that you want to use at Gmail section

YouTubeLiveChat bot - - data group

B5. Video Option

B5.1. Random

If you select Random at Video Option section, the bot will increase YouTube livestream views for a random video.

YouTubeLiveChat bot - random video

B5.2. List

In case you choose List at Video Option section, the bot will increase YouTube livestream views for the videos that you imported into List Video section.

Video option - YouTubeLiveChat bot

 At List Video section, you can import video links in 2 ways.

  • If you select LinesFromFile, you create a text file to save links of videos that you want the bot to watch.

YouTubeLiveChat bot - - list video file

 Next, click on at List Video section, double click on the created text file of links 

YouTubeLiveChat bot - -list  video

  • If you select LinesFromUrl, you paste the link of video that you want to increase youtube livestream views into List Video section

YouTubeLiveChat bot - video url

B6. Useragent (Desktop)

You click on at Useragent (Desktop) => select the downloaded useragent file In step 2 of part A

YouTubeLiveChat bot - - useragent

B7. Proxy Source

There are 4 options at Proxy Source section

B7.1. From File

At Proxy Source section, you choose From File 

Then, at File Proxy section, you can select one of two choices ( LinesFromFile or LinesFromUrl)

  • If you choose LinesFromUrl, you put the proxy URL into File Proxy section

YouTubeLiveChat bot - proxy url

  • If you choose LinesFromFile, you create a new text file to contain proxy in format IP:Port or IP:Port:ProxyUsername (if any):ProxyPassword (if any). Then, click on   at File Proxy section =>double click on the created text file of proxy 

YouTubeLiveChat bot - file proxy

B7.2. From Data

At Proxy Source section, you choose From Data. Then, you need to import proxy with Gmail accounts (refer to B4. Gmail section)

YouTubeLiveChat bot - - proxy from data

B7.3. RRP

In case you rent residential rotating proxy from, you select RRP at Proxy Source section.

YouTubeLiveChat bot - rrp

B7.4. No Proxy

You can select No Proxy at Proxy Source if you want to use the IP of your PC to run the bot.

increase youtube livestream views - no proxy

Note: If you use 1 IP to run views only, your Gmail accounts can be banned and the quality of the view will decrease.

You can rent safe and cheap proxy at

B8. Cookies Folder & Data Folder

Create a new folder named Cookies => get its path to put into the Folder Cookies section. The YouTubeLiveChat bot will save cookies of Gmail accounts in Folder Cookies, so the bot can use cookies for the next runs without logging into these accounts again.

increase youtube livestream views - cookies folder

Data Folder is the place where the YouTubeLiveChat bot saves the results of running. Create a new folder named Data => get its path to put into the Folder Data section.

increase youtube livestream views - data folder

B9. Restore Cookies

You select Yes at Restore Cookies, the software will load the existing cookies to run without login step. 

Note: you select Yes at Restore Cookies when the cookies are created already.

increase youtube livestream views - restore cookies

You select No at Restore Cookies, the bot will login Gmail accounts normally before running views

increase youtube livestream views - no restore cookies

B10. Will Chat?, Comment, Chat Per Account sections

If you want the bot to chat while it is watching the YouTube livestream videos, you select Yes at Will Chat section 

increase youtube livestream views - will chat

Next, you create a new text file to save the content of comments per line. Then, at Comment section, you click on => double click on the created comment file

Youtube live chat bot - comment

Then, at Chat Per Account section, you set the number of chats that you want each account to do.

increase youtube livestream views - chat per account

If you do not want to run comment feature, select No at Will Chat section 

increase youtube livestream views - no chat

B11. Like Video

If you want the software to like the livestream, you select Yes at Like Video section. Otherwise, you select No

increase youtube livestream views - live video

B12. Watch Time

You enter the range of time (in milliseconds) that you want the YouTubeLiveChat software to watch your livestream video.

For example, if you put 60000 and 120000 into Minumum Value and Maximum Value, the bot will watch livestream videos in 1 minute to 2 minutes randomly. 

increase youtube livestream views - watch time

B13. Random Delay

You put the range of time (in milliseconds) that you want the bot to rest between two actions.

increase youtube livestream views - random delay

B14. Key Captcha

You create an account on => deposit your account => get the key to paste it into Key Captcha section

increase youtube livestream views - key captcha

B15. Rent Cookies

In case you rent Gmail cookies from our website. You select Yes at Rent Cookies section.

Refer to How to rent Gmail cookies 

After you make payment for Gmail cookies, you will receive a link of cookies file => download the Gmail cookies file => click on at File Reneted Cookies section => select the downloaded cookies file => click Open.

increase youtube livestream views - use gmail cookies

Note: you can use Gmail cookies to run views function only. If you want to run like and comment function, you need to use Gmail accounts 

If you do not use Gmail cookies, you select No at Rent Cookies section.

increase youtube livestream views - do not use cookies

Finally, you click OK

Then, if you want to see how the bot runs, you can click on Show Browser

increase youtube livestream views - show browsers









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