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There is no doubt that Google is the largest search engine where you can customize it to drive more traffic to your website. Once your keyword is ranked higher on Google then it also automatically increases clickthrough rate to your homepage. The more clicks or target customers you get, the more sales you will make. To help you do it well and quickly reach a large number of target customers without taking a lot of time and cost, our Automatic Seo Tool (officially known as SEOQNICLICK) first helps improve your visibility in search results and then boost sales to your business.

1. What benefits can you get from Automatic SEO Tool – SEOQNICLICK? 

  • Auto Login onto bulk Gmail accounts and generate cookies/profiles
  • Search Unlimited keywords and drive more traffic to your websites
  • Support D-com and different IPs
  • Emulate thousands of different devices
  • Open Multi threads and browsers 
  • Simulate human behaviors with Random Delay between clicks 
  • Auto click on internal pages after visiting your website through Keyword Search

2. How to increase Google Search traffic with Automatic SEO Tool? 

After the software is launched already, if you choose Schedule Application, then refer to how to schedule to run app later. 

Here are the main interface and settings of the SEOQniClick:

Automatic seo tool - design

A. License Key 

Visit to COPY License Key and paste it to the software:

License Key - automatic seo tool

B. Run

Set the number of times to run. You can leave it as default so that the software keeps on running until you press STOP by yourself.

number of times to run - Auto SEO tool

C. Threads

Put the number of threads (tabs, browsers, windows) are appropriate to your computer configuration. Eg: for 1 device with RAM 16GB, core i7, you can set 50-60 threads:

automatic seo tool - number of browsers to run

D. IP Option (proxy format – IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT)

D1. Dcom

Choose Dcom in the IP Option section. You can not use Dcom to open multiple threads. 

D2. Useproxy

In case you want to use a different IP to each account, you can choose Useproxy.

Next, create a text file to put your proxy with account as shown:

AUTO SEO TOOL - proxy file with gmail accounts

Then, put your file on the software at Gmail accounts field:

automatic seo tool - proxy settings

Note that our tool works well with https proxy – format as IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT. 

D3. Fileproxy

At IP Option field, choose Fileproxy

Next, you put your proxies on a text file as shown below: 

automatic seo tool - proxy file

Then select LinesFromFile and click on the icon to add proxy file to the bot at List proxy field:


SEO Bot - proxy file

You can use proxy packages from to improve SEO performance. 

E. Gmail Accounts (file format: email;password;recoveryemail) 

Follow Item D2. Useproxy more.

If you do not choose Useproxy, then you need to import email:password:recoveryemail only.

Auto SEO with gmail accounts

Note that: you need to use gmail accounts that are verified with recovery email but not with phone.

F. Input Keywords

See Instruction on How To Import Data to add bulk keywords and links to the Database Manager dialog.  

Here are all the steps to import Keywords to the Database Manager box manually:

At first step, click on Data at the left corner of the software and then put Add to Group after Database Manager box displays:

Database Manager - auto seo tool

Second, enter Group Name and Group description (if needed) then click on OK

group to search Keywords - SEO keywords on top

Third, click on specified group as shown and choose Add Item as shown below: 

Add keywords to improve SEO - Auto SEO tool


Later,  as you can see, you need to import Website/Text to click, Search Keyword, Link 1, Link 2, Link 3: 

drive traffic to your site - Auto Seo tool

Note that: Text To Click phrase does not appear twice in the search results

Enter Link 1, Link 2, Link 3 without a character of / at the end of the link. 

G. Page Limit

Customize the number of pages that the software will search for in the search result. For example you set 20, then the software will search for the first 20 pages of the search result. 

page limit - automatic seo tool

H. Cookies Folder

First, create a folder named cookies:

cookies folder - AUTO SEO Bot

Next, put the path on the bot at Folder Cookies field:

Folder cookies - auto seo tool

Note that this folder stores login state and profile of your accounts so that the software is not required to login again after each run. Therefore, you should save this folder in a disk with the large empty space.

I. Data folder

Do the same as cookies folder.

Folder Data - Auto SEO Software - SEO keyword on top

K. Useragent (Mobile) and Useragent (Desktop)

SEOQNICLICK emulates thousands of different user-agents and emulators. 

Useragent (Mobile) and Useragent (Desktop) files are stored in the Download link. In which: Useragent (desktop) is used to login with gmail accounts

After downloading the files, then you click on the icon to put the files on the bot: 

Useragents - seoqniclick tool

L. Internal Click (Seconds)

To simulate human behaviors, you can customize the time interval between clicks on the internal sites. For example: you set 1-3 seconds, then the software will pause at 1-3 seconds after the first click.

number of clicks internally - Automatic SEO tool

M. Key

Please register account at and then paste API key to the software:

key captcha - Auto SEO Bot

O. Pause (Seconds)

Set random or delay time between actions (Unit: seconds). As below image, then the software will delay 10-15 seconds between runs or actions. 

Break time - SEO Keyword on Top Google

P. Will Rent Cookies

Select Yes if you rent gmail cookies from us and then put the file on the software at Rented Cookies file field:

Auto SEO tool with gmail cookies

Otherwise, choose No so that the software can use gmail accounts (mentioned at Section E).

Q. How to check Results, Logs and show Browsers 

You can open each browser to see how it works and check any update of the software at Log section:

How to check results - Increase clickthrough rate - Auto SEO BOT

Finally, click on Results as shown above to get Results (good accounts, bad accounts, clicked sites) after successfully running.

3. Pricing Tag


In the end, thank you for following the post carefully. 

We hope you find this manual helpful.

For more information, kindly contact us at

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