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Backlink Traffic Booster – Increase Website Ranking With Backlink Traffic Tool

Backlinks contribute greatly to improving a website’s search engine rankings and click-through rates. Additionally, they increase a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), bringing in more organic clicks. However, to manage multiple backlinks and quickly achieve your goal within a certain time, you have Backlink Traffic Booster from Qnibot. The bot will visit multiple websites at the same time and simulate human behavior. That way, it helps to significantly improve homepage’s rankings, drive more new traffic, and enhance brand presence. Along with building high-quality backlinks, you have the potential to become widely known and convert traffic volume into customers and profits.


  • Increase clickthrough rate to your sites
  • Drive more new traffic from backlinks
  • Auto log into bulk accounts simultaneously
  • Manage unlimited backlinks & websites
  • Use Residential Rotating Proxy or different IPs to run


interface - BacklinkTraffic Bot

1. License Key – Backlink Traffic Booster 

Visit to COPY License Key after purchasing the software:

License Key - Backlinktraffic bot

2. Run

Set the number of times you want the software to run successfully. Then if the software runs these number of times successfully, it automatically stops. 

number of times to run - Backlink traffic tool

3. Threads

Represent the number of browsers that run at the same time. The higher your computer configuration is, the more browsers you are able to open. Eg: for 1 PC with RAM 8GB and Core i5, you can run 30-40 threads in maximum simultaneously. 

number of browsers to run

4. Proxy source – Backlink Traffic Booster

4.1. Dcom

Choose from Dcom if you want to use or connect Dcom to the software.

Dcom does not provide multiple IPs then this option can not be used to run multiple threads. 

4.2. From Data

You choose From Data if you wanna import a proxy along with Gmail accounts in a text file (required format: Email,password,recovery email, IP,PORT,USERNAME (if any),PASS (if any)) 

Here is an example for you to enter your accounts: 

gmail accounts format - Backlink traffic bot

Next, put your file on the bot at Gmail accounts field

gmail accounts setting - Backlink traffic tool

4.3. From File 

Choose From File to use proxies from a text file => Enter proxies in a text file.

Each proxy shall be entered line by line following the format: IP:Port:Username (if any):Password (if any)

Next, tap on LinesFromFile at List Proxy field and click on the icon add to add the file as below:

proxy file - traffic booster

4.4. RRP

To drive more traffic to your site in no time, you can use Residential Proxy or RRP. This package is available at with 95% of US IPs. Also, you can refer to other proxy packages from 

4.5. No Proxy

This field is not recommended. If you choose No proxy, then the software will use your IP to increase traffic, so you are not able to run multiple threads with this option.   

5. Use Gmail (Follow Section A.4.2 more) 

If you want to use Gmail to run, then you choose Yes at Will Use Gmail field

Next, put the gmail account file on the bot as below: 

Use gmail to increase traffic

6. Input Data

Database Manager - Backlinktraffic

Next, import main website and backlinks as below:

drive more traffic to main website using backlinks

You can follow this instruction to add more links here

At the last step, choose group of data at Input Data:

Group of data to use Backlinktraffic bot

7. Cookies Folder

Create a folder named cookies and paste the folder path to the tool. This is where the login status and profiles are stored. Hence, keep in mind this folder should have the largest empty space. 

cookies folder - Traffic Booster using backlinks

8. Data folder

Set a path to a folder where you want to store running results.

9. Devices

Download Useragent files (Desktop or Mobile) that are provided after purchasing the tool. 

9.1. Useragent Mobile

If you choose Useragent (Mobile), then you download the Mobile file and put it on the bot:

Mobile virtual devices - traffic increaser from backlinks

9.2. Useragent Desktop

And vice versa, put the file at Useragent (Desktop) field if you choose Desktop

web browsers - backlink traffic bot


Register an account at and put API key on the bot, then the software will solve Google captcha automatically if it comes.

2captcha - boost traffic using backlinks

11. Pause (milliseconds) – Backlink Traffic Booster 

If you set Pause (milliseconds) field as below, the bot will surf, move cursor on Backlink randomly from 60 to 90 seconds, then it will visit main website and continue to simulate real user by that time period.

break time - drive traffic from backlinks

12. Rent Gmail – Backlink Traffic Booster 

In addition to providing BacklinkTraffic bot, we have gmail cookies to increase traffic. You can refer to for more inforrmation.

If you rent gmail cookies from us, then you choose Yes at Will Rent Cookies field

Later, at Rented Cookies file field, click on the icon add to add the cookies file that you have purchased to the bot: 

gmail cookies - SEO tool



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