Youtube traffic increaser – SEO your website with traffic from YouTube

YouTube is the most popular sharing video platform worldwide. Therefore, increasing website traffic from YouTube is a good way that will help increase your website ranking in search engine results. Our YouTube traffic increaserTubeTrafficPro can automatically bring traffic to your website by clicking on the websites in the description boxes of YouTube videos.


  • Increase bulk traffic automatically
  • Users can manage unlimited links
  • Login bulk Gmail accounts at the same time
  • Support using rotating proxy
  • There are tutorials in text and videos
  • Free and frequent update
  • Save time and cost


Step 1. Click on at your username on to see your license management table => click on under TubeTrafficPro in SOFTWARE column 

web traffic auto bot - download

Step 2. Download the TubeTrafficPro.rar and 2 useragent files (refer to 8. Useragent sections in part III). Then, you extract the TubeTrafficPro.rar => you will see TubeTrafficPro folder => double-click on    to install the YouTube traffic increaser

web traffic increser - install

Step 3. Click OK after choosing the language ( enEnglish or ruRussia) 

website traffic tool - choose language

The interface of this web traffic tool will appear

web traffic software - interface


1. License Key

To get your license, follow step 1 in part II => click on  in ACTION column. Then, you can paste the license into License Key section.

web traffic software - license key

2. Run

Run section shows the number of clicks that you want our website traffic bot to do.

For example, you enter 2000 into Run section, the bot will stop automatically after finishing 2000 clicks on your website.

web traffic software - run

You can leave Run section as the default, and stop the bot anytime you want.

web traffic software - run 9999999

3. Threads

You put the number of clicks that you want the bot to do simultaneously into Threads section.

For instance, if you enter 10 in Threads section, the YouTube traffic increaser will open 10 tabs, login 10 accounts with different IPs to visit your website.

web traffic software - threads

4. Proxy Source

4.1. Dcom

At Proxy Source, you choose Dcom. Remember to attach the Dcom to your PC.

web traffic software - dcom

4.2. From Data

You choose From Data at Proxy Source. Next, you import proxy into Database Manager with Gmail accounts (refer to 5.2.1 Use Gmail accounts section).

web traffic software - proxy from data

4.3. From File

Firstly, you choose From File at Proxy Source section

Next, move to List Proxy section, you have 2 options

  • In case you select LinesFromUrl, you put the proxy URL into List Proxy section

web traffic software - proxy from file

  • Ifn case you select LinesFromFile, you create a text file to contain the proxies one per line in format IP:Port:ProxyUsername (if any):ProxyPassword (if any). Click on   at List Proxy => double click on the created proxy file

web traffic bot - file proxy

4.4. Do not use proxy

If you do not want to use proxy, you can select No at Proxy Source section. Our YouTube traffic increaser will use the IP of your PC.

web traffic bot - no proxy

Note: you should not login many Gmail accounts with the same proxy because these Gmail accounts will be banned.

Refer to to buy proxy

5. Will Use Gmail?

5.1. Do not use Gmail

If you do not want to use Gmail accounts, you can select No at Will Use Gmail? section. The bot will run without Gmail accounts. 

youtube traffic increaser - do not use gmail

Note: You should use Gmail accounts to increase the quality of traffic. Low-quality traffic can negatively aftect your website ranking.

5.2. Use Gmail – YouTube traffic increaser

You can use Gmail accounts or Gmail cookies 

5.2.1. Use Gmail accounts 

Firstly, at Will Use Gmail? section, you choose Yes

Next, you create a new text file to enter Gmail accounts. You enter each account on 1 line.

  • In case you select From Data at Proxy Source (refer to 4. Proxy Source section), you import Gmail accounts in format Gmail,Password,Recovery email,IP:port:ProxyUsername (if any):ProxyPassword (if any). Then, you click on at Gmail Accounts section => double click on the created Gmail text file.

youtube traffic increaser - import gmail accounts with proxy

  • In case you select other options (Dcom, From File, No) at Proxy Sources (refer to B7. Proxy Source section), you import data in format Gmail,Password,Recovery email => click on at Gmail Accounts section => double click on the created text file of Gmail accounts.

youtube traffic increaser - import gmail accounts

5.2.2. Use Gmail cookies

You can use Gmail cookies (Gmail accounts in login status) instead of Gmail accounts. Refer to How to rent Gmail cookies

After making payment, you download the provided Cookies file. Then, click on at Rented Cookies File => double click on the downloaded Gmail Cookies file. Moreover, you need to select Yes at Will Rent Cookies? section.

youtube traffic increaser - gmail cookies

6. Input Data – YouTube traffic increaser

The bot will watch a YouTube video, move to its description box and click on the website mentioned in the description. Input Data section saves links of YouTube videos and websites.

To import data, you click on  at the bottom left corner of the TubeTrafficPro interface => you will see the Database Manager dialog box

youtube traffic increaser - import data 1

Next, refer to How to import data

Note: The data you need to import includes “Link Youtube” and Main Website. Remember to enter the link youtube in double quotation marks. You can refer to the Template.

youtube traffic increaser - import data

Finally, at Input Data section, you select the group of data that you want to use

youtube traffic increaser - input data

7. Folder Cookies and Folder Data

  • Create a new folder named Cookies and get the path to put it into the Folder Cookies section. The YouTube traffic increaser will save cookies and profiles of the accounts in Folder Cookies so that the bot can use these cookies and profiles for the next runs without logging into accounts again.

youtube traffic increaser - cookies folder

  • The YouTube traffic increaser will save the running result in Data folder. Create a new folder named Data and get the path to put it into the Folder Data section.

youtube traffic increaser - data folder

8. Useragent sections

Click on at Useragent (Mobile) & Useragent (Desktop) sections => select the corresponding useragent files that were downloaded in step 2 of part II 

youtube traffic increaser - useagent

9. Key

Visit => create an account => deposit your account to get license key and paste it into Key section.

youtube traffic increaser - key

10. Video Watch Time (seconds) – YouTube traffic increaser

At Video Watch Time (seconds) section, you enter the range of time (in seconds) that you want the bot to watch YouTube videos 

For example, you enter 30 and 90 into Minumum Value and Maximum Value as the following photo, the software will randomly watch imported YouTube videos in 30 to 90 seconds before scrolling down to the description box to click on the imported website.

youtube traffic increaser - video watch time

11. Web View Time (seconds) – YouTube traffic increaser

At Web View Time (seconds) section, you enter the range of time (in seconds) that you want the bot to visit and view the imported main website.

For instance, you enter 60 and 120 into Minumum Value and Maximum Value as the following photo, the software will randomly visit and stay on the main website in 1 minute to 2 minutes.

youtube traffic increaser - web view time

Finally, you click OK

You can click on Show Browser to see how the YouTube traffic increaser runs. Then, you can click on Results tab to see the result.

youtube traffic increaser - show browsers


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