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Reddit Upvote Bot – Auto Upvote Downvote – Auto Posting and Crossposting on Reddit

Reddit is one of the most unique entertainment platforms and has attracted billions of registered users worldwide. This is an engaging community of breaking news and social topics with over 2.8 million subreddits. Subreddits is a place where you can reach your target audience by interacting with them through posts and comments. With the rise of Reddit’s subreddits and monthly active users, RedditAutomation – Reddit Upvote Bot allows you to create bulk accounts and promote your products and services from the very beginning till earning a lot of money.


  1. Register bulk Reddit accounts from various sources (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) automatically
  2. Auto Upvote/Downvote
  3. Auto Follow/Unfollow bulk users
  4. Check Karma or status of Reddit accounts in bulk
  5. Auto Message
  6. Join Communities
  7. Upload Timeline or on Communities 
  8. Update Avatar
  9. Scrape Users
  10. Share your timeline posts on the communities 
  11. Auto Join in communities
  12. Auto message to multiple users 
  13. Farm accounts with Checking Newsfeed and upvoting first post
  14. Manual control 


After the software is launched already, then you choose one of two ways:

  • Run now: Run the software now
  • Schedule: Schedule the application to run app later >> Learn more: How to use Schedule Function.

Here is the main interface of RedditAutomation:

Reddit upvote bot interface


A1. License key – Reddit Upvote Bot

Visit to get License key after completing your payment

License Key - Reddit upvote bot

A2. Run

Represent the number of times that you want the tool to run or the number of accounts to register. 

number of times to run reddit upvote bot

You can leave it as default of “99999”, the software will run continuously without interruption or until you stop it manually.

A3. Threads

Thread means a separate browser with a unique fingerprint and IP.

Note that: Set the number of threads that suit your computer configuration. Eg: 1 device with RAM 8GB, core i5 shall be used to open 30-40 threads at the same time. 

number of browsers to run - Reddit upvote tool

A4. Accounts

You are required to import accounts to the Database Manager box before using them for associated functions.  


Note: Data includes Email, password, email 2 (recovery email), proxy (if any), port (if any), username, Reddit password or you can use this Template to import data.

redditautomation - how to import accounts

If you do not have the email credentials, then you enter username and password into email column, specifically:

reddit marketing bot - import reddit accounts

Finally, select the group that you want to use at Accounts field: 

group of accounts to create reddit accounts

A5. Proxy Source Reddit Upvote Bot

To create Reddit accounts in bulk and help protect your current accounts from being banned by Reddit, you should use proxies or different IPs. 

You can rent a proxy at to get better results. 

proxy source - auto upvote on reddit

A5.1. From File

At Proxy Source, select From File and LinesFromFile, then click on   to put your file to the bot: 

proxy file - how to increase upvotes on reddit

Note:  You should use HTTPS proxy with format – IP:Port:Username (if any):Password (if any)

A5.2. From Data

At Proxy Source field, choose From Data, then the software will use proxies that are imported with email or Reddit accounts.

Next, follow Section A4. Accounts to check how to import data to the Database

A5.3. No proxy (your IP)

At Proxy Source, select No proxy

You should use this option to test the software only or to create 5 Reddit accounts in maximum. 

A6. Get User-agent Reddit Upvote Bot

User agent files - redditautomation

1. Useragent from file

Select => to link the Useragent file that is provided in the download link if you want to use the Useragent file: 

desktop file - reddit auto upvote bot

2. Online Public Key

Online Public Key is provided free of charge with the possibility of opening 3 threads. If you choose Online Public Key, then you choose Max 3 at Threads field.
Online public key - reddit marketing tools
3. Online Private Key:
For opening multiple threads and achieving the higher success rate for any actions, you can refer to rent browser fingerprints package here and put your key on the bot at Online Private Key field:
online private key - reddit account creator

A7. Cookies Folder & Data Folder – RedditAutomation

  • Cookies Folder helps you store cookies and profiles of the accounts after the first run. On the next time, then the bot will load cookies and profiles for other functions without re-login. Create a folder in the disk of the largest empty space and then paste the path on the bot. 

cookies to store login status of your reddit accounts

If you want to create profile, then you choose Yes at Create Profile, otherwise choose No. 

create profile - reddit marketing bot

  • Data folder: stores collected results and where to save list of users, messages, links to upload, etc. Do the same as cookies folder. 

data folder - reddit auto follow bot


A8. Random Delay & Sleep (Unit: milliseconds)

break time - reddit marketing bot

  • Random Delay is the pause time between 2 actions (clicks) of the software.
  • Sleep is the pause time among run turns of threads. 

Example: For the above image, the software will randomly delay in 5-20 seconds before the next click. After finishing with one turn of threads, the software will pause at 20-30 seconds before keeping on running the next turn of threads.

A9. Key

You need to create an account at to get the API key and paste it to this field. Then the software will automatically solve Google captcha if it comes while registering Reddit accounts with Google accounts. 

key - reddit account creator

Notably: Complete all the basic settings before using functions of the bot


reddit automation functions

If you want to run any function, first click on that function and follow specified steps as below: 

B1. Register Reddit accounts with Gmail Reddit Upvote Bot

At Action field, select Reg with Gmail

Next, check all the general settings as specified in Part A

Finally, enter OK to run.

At Username and Password fields, click on sửa-1.png (22×30)  and then @test to preview username and password. Next, you can customize them if needed.

Username and password to create Reddit accounts


B2. Register Reddit accounts with other kinds of email

This is to register Reddit accounts with other types of email such as: Yahoo, Gmx, Yandex, Hotmail, etc.

Next, to use this function, you need to activate Imap/POP of these accounts.

Then, get IMAP Server and IMAP Port to each type of email using Google search and then paste them to the bot at IMAP Server and IMAP Port fields. For example: IMAP Server and IMAP Port of HOTMAIL are specified as below:

IMAP settings - Redditautomation

Or IMAP Server and IMAP Port of Yahoo:

IMAP settings for Yahoo mail - Reddit Upvote Bot

After that, follow Section B1 to set up Username and Password that you want to do.

Later, choose Verify Email = Yes so that the tool will automatically confirm your registration through email. 

verify email - reddit account creator with any email

Finally, check all the settings as specified in Part A and enter OK to run

B3. Check Shadow Banned

This feature is to check accounts that is banned hiddenly. These accounts might be logged in successfully but in reality the account has been banned and other Reddit accounts will not see your interaction activities on Reddit such as: comments, shares, upvotes, etc. 

To checked these accounts, you need to import Reddit Username and PW into Database Manager box, follow Section A4 for more details.  

After checking shadow banned, you can see results at Status column in the Database Manager box: 

Check shadow banned - reddit marketing bot

B4. Check Karma

This feature is to check the gained number of karmas and if your accounts are alive or banned by Reddit. 

To check karma, you need to import Reddit Username and PW into Database Manager box, follow Section A4 for more details. 

After checking karma, you can see results at Karma column in the Database Manager box: 

check karma - redditautomation

B5. Upvote or Downvote – Reddit Upvote Bot

First, create a text file to put links of posts that you want to upvote or downvote.

Then, at Link of Posts, select => to link the file to the software:

Upvote links  - reddit upvote bot


Note: do the same as the file of downvote links if you choose Downvote. 

B6. Auto Follow or unfollow

B6.1. Auto Follow

Create a text file which contains the usernames or accounts that you want to follow line by line. You can run Scrape Users function (Section B11) first to get accounts that you need.

Next, at List of Users field, click on => to put the List of users on the software: 

reddit auto follow bot - reddit automation bot

B6.2. Auto Unfollow

At Action field, select Auto Unfollow, then click on OK. 

The software will automatically unfollow users that were followed already. 

B7. Auto Message

At Action section, select Auto Message

Then, create a text file to type content of massages => put the file on the bot at Comments/Messages/Text fieldmessage content - redditautomation

Later, create a text file which contains usernames to receive a message (or you can scrape users first at Section B11) => put at List of Users field to add the file to the software:

reddit auto follow bot - reddit automation bot

B8. Join Communities

At Action section, choose Join Communities

Then, create a text file to save links of communities that you want to join => put at Link of Communities field => add the file to the bot:

communities links - reddit marketing software

B9. Upload Timeline

Create a text file to save Titles of posts => put at Title To Upload field and then choose from the associated file:

title to upload - Reddit upload bot

Then, select one of three upload types as shown below: 

Upload type - reddit marketing tools

B9.1. Post

If you choose from Post at Upload Type field, then you create content to upload in a text file => put the file on the software at Comments/Message/Text field:

content to upload on reddit

B9.2. Image or Video

Create a folder to save Image and videos to post on Timeline => click on at Avatar/Image/Video field=> add the connected folder to the bot:

Auto upload avatars on Reddit


B9.3. Link

Put links that you want to post on Reddit on a text file => click on at Link to Upload field and then link the file to the bot:

link to post - Reddit Uploader

B10. Upload Communities

At Action field, choose from Upload Communities

Next, create a text file to save links of communities and then put the file on the software:

links of community - redditautomation


Then, follow the same steps as Section B8 to put title to upload at Title To Upload field.

Refer to Section B8.1 to B8.3 to choose from type of upload and then carefully follow corresponding steps accordingly. 

B11. Update Avatar

Create a folder to save avatars to update =>  click on at Avatar/Image/Video field=> add the associated folder to the software:

Reddit auto update avatar tool

B12. Scrape Users

At Action field, select Scrape Users

Next, at Search Terms field, if you choose RandomString, you can use keywords that are available in the software as shown below: 

reddit scraper tool

In case you want to use your keywords then you choose from LineFromFile => put the keyword file on the bot:

keywords to search on Reddit

After scraping users successfully, the scraped result will be stored in Data folder. Accordingly, you can use this file as a List of users for associate functions such as: Auto Follow, Auto Message, etc. 

B13. Cross Posting

This is to share posts on timeline to communities to which your Reddit accounts have joined.

Next, you need to copy links of posts updated on timeline in a text file and then put the file on the bot at Link of Posts field (See B4 for more details).

B14. Auto Upvote First Post – Reddit Upvote Bot

You can use this feature to farm your Reddit accounts. The software will surf news feed of the community that you want and then Upvote the first posts.

At Link of Communities field, you need to put the associated file on the bot as below: 

Auto upvote on Reddit communities

B15. Check News Feed

To simulate human behavior, the software will check or surf your newsfeed. 

At Action field, choose from Check News Feed and check general settings before entering OK to run. 

B16. Manual Control

Select Manual Control to be able to control your accounts manually and take other actions you need. 

Thank you for following this Tutorial, we hope it will be useful for you!

Finally, after clicking on OK to run each function, you can open Browsers to see how it works, check status update of running process at Log section and see Results as below:

How to open browsers and check results - redditautomation



In the end, thank you for following the post.

For more details, please feel free to contact us at


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