Chatgpt training bot – Teach Chatgpt to answer questions as you wish

ChatGPT is predicted to become as popular as google for users to look for information. Using ChatGPT training bot to teach ChatGPT to answer questions as you wish is a good way to increase your brand visibility. 


  • Auto train the ChatGPT to answer questions as you want
  • Multi-threads running
  • Can use rotating proxy
  • There are tutorials in text and video
  • Free and frequent update



Step 1. After logging in your account on, you click on at your username => choose License Key 

chatgpt bot - license

Step 2. Click on as the following photo to download ChatGPTTrainer.rar and a Desktop useragent file (refer to B8. Useragents section).

ChatGPT Traing Bot - download the bot

Step 3. Extract the ChatGPTTrainer.rar => open ChatGPTTrainer folder => double click on  to install the ChatGPT training bot

chatgpt training bot - install the bot

Step 4. In Start Type dialog box

chatgpt training bot - schedule application

  • You select Run now to run the ChatGPT training bot instantly

chatgpt training bot - run now

Then, the interface of ChatGPT training bot will display

chatgpt training bot - interface


B1. License Key

Follow step 1 in part A => copy the license in KEY column to paste it into License Key section 

chatgpt training bot - license key

B2. NumberRun

At NumberRun section, you put the number of times that you want the ChatGPT training tool to run 

For example, if you put 1000 into NumberRun section, the bot will automatically stop after running 1000 times successfully

chatgpt training bot - run

B3. Threads

At Threads section, you enter the number of tabs that you want  to run simultaneously 

For example, in case you put 5 into Threads section, 5 tabs will be run at the same time.

chatgpt training bot - threads

B4. Email Accounts

You need to import email accounts that had been registered ChatGPT accounts already.

B4.1. Use accounts that are created by our ChatGPTCreator bot

In case you use our ChatGPT account creator bot, the information of accounts will be synced to this ChatGPT training bot. Therefore, you just need to select the group of accounts that you want to use at Email Accounts sections

chatgpt training bot - data group

B4.2. Use accounts from other sources

In case you use accounts from other sources, you click on on the ChatGPTTrainer bot interface as the following photo

chatgpt training bot - import data

Then, you will see the Database Manager dialog box where you import accounts

chatgpt training bot - database manager dialog box

There are 2 ways for you to import accounts. Refer to How to import data


  • If you choose From Data at Proxy Source (refer to B7. Proxy Source section). You need to import Email, Password, Proxy, Port, Proxy Username, Proxy Password. Please refer to Template.
  • If you select other options (From File, RRP, No Proxy) at Proxy Source (refer to B7. Proxy Source section). You need to import Email and Password. Please refer to Template.

Then, you choose the group of accounts that you want to use in Email Account section

chatgpt training bot - csv group

B5. Chat Content

Create a text file to save content that you want to chat with and train ChatGPT. Each content needs to be entered per line. With each thread (each logged-in account), the bot will take each line in this text file to chat in order till the end. Then, it stops this thread, starts a new thread and chats again with the imported content. 

You can enter with the spintax format as below photo. 

chatgpt training bot - chat content

Next, click on at Chat Content section => double click on the created chat content file.

chatgpt training tool - chat content

B6. Folder Cookies

Create a new folder named Cookies and paste its path into Folder Cookies section.

chatgpt bot - folder cookies

Our ChatGPT training tool will save cookies of accounts in this folder cookies. Then, in the next run, the bot can load cookies and run without logging into these accounts again.

B7. Proxy Source

B7.1. From File

Firstly, at Proxy Source section, you choose From File 

chatgpt bot - from file

Secondly, you create a text file to contain proxy per line in format IP:Port or IP:Port:ProxyUsername:ProxyPassword

chatgpt bot - proxy file

Thirdly, click on at File Proxy section => click on the created text file of proxy => click Open

chatgpt bot - upload proxy file

B7.2. From Data

In case you choose From Data at Proxy Source section, you import proxy with email accounts as instructions in B4. Email Accounts

chatgpt bot - proxy from data

B7.3. RRP

In case you rent residential rotating proxy from, you opt RRP at Proxy Source section.

chatgpt bot - rrp

B7.4.  No Proxy

In case you select No at Proxy Source section, our ChatGPTTrainer bot will use the IP of your PC to run.

chatgpt bot - no proxy

Note: You should not run too many accounts with the same IP because your accounts will be banned.

Refer to to rent safe and cheap proxy.

B8. Useragents

At Useragents section, you click   => select the downloaded useragent file mentioned in step 2 of part A => click Open 


B9. Pause (Milliseconds)

You enter the time (in milliseconds) that you want the ChatGPTTrainer bot to rest after each action

For example, if you set up Pause section as the following photo, the ChatGPTTrainer bot will randomly rest for 10 to 20 seconds after each action. 

chatgpt bot - pause

Finally, you click OK

You can click on Show Browser to see how our ChatGPTTrainer teaches ChatGPT to answer questions as you wish.

Thank you for following this tutorial.



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