Tiktok auto uploader – Bulk upload videos to TikTok using TikTokUploaderPro

TikTokUploaderPro bot allows users to upload bulk videos with songs to TikTok automatically. TikTokUploaderPro is the best TikTok auto uploader that you can use proxies and add songs as you want.

Moreover, when you buy our TikTokUploaderPro, you can get more benefits, consisting of:

  • Tutorials in text and videos
  • Title and tag customization
  • Free update
  • User-friendly interface.


Step 1. Login your account at Qnibot.com=> click on at your username => choose License Key => click on button under TikTokUploaderPro in SOFTWARE column.

download the tiktok auto uploader

Step 2. Click on the provided link to download the TikTokUploaderPro.rar => extract the TikTokUploaderPro.rar => open the TikTokUploaderPro folder => double click on  to install the TikTokUploaderPro – the best TikTok auto uploader.

install the tiktok auto uploader

Step 3. On the Language Chooser dialog box, choose the language you want to use (en = English or ru = Russia)  => click OK.

choose language - tiktok auto uploader

Step 4. On the Start Type dialog box => you select one of two choices

  • In case you want to run this TikTok auto uploader at another specific time, you select Schedule Application  => click OK => refer to How to use schedule application 

run now - tiktok auto uploader

  • In case you want to run this TikTok auto uploader immediately, you choose Run Now  => click OK

schedule feature - tiktok auto uploader

Here is the interface of TikTokUploaderPro tool

interface - tiktok auto uploader



You click on General Settings to see the basic sections you need to set up as the following photo.

B1.1. License Key

Follow step 1 in part A, you will see your license management table => click on in ACTION column then paste the copied license into License Key section.

B1.2. Run

At Run section, you put the number of times that you want the TikTokUploaderProTikTok auto uploader to run successfully.

For example, when you enter 200 into Run section, this TikTokUploaderPro bot will automatically stop after running 200 times successfully.

B1.3. Threads

Threads section saves the number of windows that you want the TikTokUploaderProTikTok auto uploader to run at the same time.

For instance, in case you enter 20 into Threads section, this TikTokUploaderPro bot will open 20 tabs to run simultaneously.

B1.4. Folder Cookies

Create a new folder named Cookies => copy and paste its path into the Folder Cookies section. The TikTokUploaderPro tool will save the cookies and profiles of TikTok accounts in this imported cookies folder and load these cookies to run without logging into TikTok accounts again. 

B1.5. Proxy Source

You choose one of three options at Proxy Source section: From Data, From File, or No.

B1.5.1. Use Proxy From Data

In case you choose From Data at Proxy Source section, this TikTok auo uploader will use the proxy that you imported with TikTok accounts. Refer to B2.1. TikTok Accounts section to see instructions on how to import proxy with TikTok accounts.

Tiktok bot - proxy from data

B1.5.2. Use Proxy From a File

At Proxy Source section, you select From File.

Next, at File Proxy section, you choose LinesFromFile, you create a new text file to save proxies in the format IP:Port or IP:Port:ProxyUsername:ProxyPassword. Next. you click on at File Proxy section => double-click on the created text file of proxy.

B1.5.3. Do not use proxy

If you do not have proxy, you can select No at Proxy Source section. our TikTokUploaderPro bot will use the IP connected to your PC.

no proxy - tiktok auto uploader

Note: If you use 1 IP of your PC with too many TikTok accounts, these accounts can be banned. Thus, you refer to Proxygeo.com to buy the best proxy.

B1.6. TikTok Captcha API

Click on this link Captchaguru => create an account => deposit your account => copy and paste your captcha guru key into the TikTok Captcha API section.

captcha - tiktok auto uploader

B1.7. Sleep (milliseconds)

At Sleep section, you enter the range of time (in milliseconds) that you want the TikTokUploaderPro bot to rest after finishing each thread. 

For example. you put 40000 and 60000 into Minimum Value and Maximum Value, this TikTok auto uploader will rest for 40 seconds to 1 minute after completing each thread.

sleep - tiktok auto uploader

B1.8. Upload Time (milliseconds)

At Upload Time (milliseconds) section, you enter the number of milliseconds that you want the bot to wait for loading videos. Depending on the video length or internet speed, you can set the appropriate time.

For example, if you put 60000 into Upload Time section, the bot will wait for loading videos in 60 seconds before uploading the video.

B1.9. Number of Tags

At Number of Tags section, you enter the range number of tags that you want to post per video.

For example, if you put 3 and 5 into Minimum Value and Maximum Value, the bot will randomly post 3 to 5 tags with each video.


Click on Accounts and Actions to see the sections that you need to set up.

B2.1. TikTok Accounts

First, you click on  on the interface of TikTokUploaderPro tool, you will see the Database Manager dialog box.

import tiktok accounts - tiktok auto uploader

Next, you can import TikTok accounts in 2 ways (refer to Instructions On How To Import Data).


  • In case you select From Data at Proxy Sources (refer to B1.5. Proxy Sources section),you need to import the Email (you used to create TikTok account), Username of TikTok account, TikTok Password, Proxy, Port, Proxy User (if any), Proxy Password (if any). Please refer to Template.
  • In case you choose other choices (From File, No) at Proxy Source (refer to B1.5. Proxy Sources section), you need to import Email (you used to create TikTok account), Username, TikTok Password, Please refer to Template.
  • If you do not have the email mentioned above, you can enter the username of your Tikok account into the Email section.

After importing TikTok accounts into the Database Manager dialog box, you need to select the group of TikTok accounts that you want to use at Accounts section.

Select tiktok accounts group - tiktok auto uploader

B2.2. Video

You create a new folder to save the videos that you want to upload. Next, you click on at Video section, choose the created folder => click on Select Folder

video - tiktok auto uploader

B2.3. Title (Spintax Support)

You create a new text file to save the title that you want the TikTokUploaderPro to upload with the imported videos. Then, you click on at Title (Spintax Support) section, select the created text file of titles => click on Open.

Title - tiktok auto uploader

Note: our TikTok auto uploader supports spintax format. For example, if you import {The best} {singer|musician|song}, the bot will upload 3 videos with 3 different titles, consisting of “The best singer”, “The best musician”, “The best song”.

B2.4. Tags

You create a new text file to save the tags that you want this TikTok auto bot to upload with the imported videos.

tiktok auto uploader - tag

B2.5. Add Song?

If you want to upload the videos with songs, choose Yes at Add Song? section. Next, you create a text file to save the names of the songs that you want to upload. Then, click on at Add Song? section, select the created text file of songs. Our TikTokUploaderPro will search the imported songs on TikTok then upload videos with songs.

If you do not want to upload videos with songs, select No at Add Song? section.

tiktok auto uploader - add songs - no

Finally, you click OK.

Tutorial Video



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